Interview with Nathan Holritz | GBPW Episode 132

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The thing about preparation is that if you’ve taken the time to prepare, if you’ve learned how to package your ideas in a way that is easily communicable, then you should be able to communicate with less words.

Nathan Holritz

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In this episode, I speak with Photographer’s Edit CEO Nathan Holritz. Nathan builds businesses to encourage happier relationships and help photographers save time. He has an amazing work ethic and a very humble approach to communication.

This week, we talk about:

  • How Nathan Holritz juggles so many projects
  • Practical and eye-opening tips for photographers in business
  • How to think like a client

& much more!

One of Nathan’s priorities is to provide other people with valuable information and resources. He does this wonderfully in our interview. Whether you have questions about developing stronger relationships with clients or building a great photography business, you’re likely to find some great answers here.

Here is a preview of our conversation with Nathan Holritz.

Q: How has the business of photography changed in the last 14 years?

Nathan Holritz: I photographed my first wedding in 2001. I started in film, so the transition from film to digital was a pretty significant one. What that enabled was a lower barrier to entry. Now, I can see the image on the back of my camera and I can make immediate adjustments. It doesn’t cost me a bunch of money to practice.

The barrier to entry into the professional photography world was lowered. As technology has continued to develop, you look at how many tools we have easy access to that cost little to no money that enable us to run a business. I think it’s the change in tech that has made the biggest difference in the experience of being a professional photographer.

Q: You have a lot of interesting things going on that aren’t always directly related to photography. How do you manage all of these projects without getting overwhelmed?

Nathan Holritz: That’s a great question. I would say very simply that it’s about team. I’m lucky to be working with just an incredible group of people that allow me to juggle all that I do. I would say that’s the most important thing. Be intentional about surrounding yourself with good people.

A Love Portrait, one of the podcasts that Nathan Holritz founded.

Q: What should photographers avoid when offering their photography services to clients?

Nathan Holritz: Make sure that you’re speaking to clients or potential clients in their language. It’s very easy, as photographers, to think like photographers and then project those tendencies on to our clients. The language that we might use may not even make sense to a client.

We can take it a step further and say that even something like editing style, for example, that we put so much emphasis on as photographers, is not nearly as important to 90%-95% of clients as we like to think it is. Make sure that you understand your clients. Don’t rush to try to be creative and cute and technical. Instead, learn to speak their language. Learn to understand what is important to your particular target clientele and be able to relate with them more effectively. I think that’s really important.

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