Interview with Federica Nardese | GBPW Episode 67

I love transformation, and I love evolution, and I love becoming better.

Federica Nardese

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In this episode, I talk to self-portrait coach and studio photographer Federica Nardese. Federica is an expert at taking emotive and thought-provoking photographs of people. We talk about:

  • How she achieves this (making her models feel comfortable, the studio equipment she uses, etc.)
  • The art of self-portrait coaching and what it involves
  • Photography competitions and how you can increase your chances of winning awards using a very simple but effective technique

& much more!

Federica wasn’t afraid to share all of her photography tricks with me. I appreciate her openness and hope that her experiences inspire you to try something new. Personally, I’m more eager than ever to start joining photography competitions!

Check out Federica’s work:
Contemporary portraiture Instagram
Fine art and creative portraiture Instagram


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