Episode 60 – Interview with Viktoria Haack

I came out or surgery and felt like a different person. It was just this incredible change – from feeling no energy, just feeling awful – to suddenly feeling absolutely fine, back to how I used to feel.

Viktoria Haack

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In this episode, I talk to Nikon ambassador Viktoria Haack. Viktoria’s portfolio is stunningly diverse; she photographs animals, people, landscapes, and is also incredibly good at taking self-portraits. She and I talk about:

  • How an illness in the past changed the way she works as a professional photographer
  • Why staying true to your style and creative preferences will pay off in the long run
  • What it’s like being an ambassador for Nikon

& much more!

Viktoria’s photography skills are out of this world. Her images are visually aesthetic and stunning. To top it all off, she has some pretty amazing stories to share that will make you love her portfolio even more.

Check out Viktoria’s work:

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