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11 Best Lightroom Presets for Portraits in 2023

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best lightroom presets for portraits

We all know how important photo editing is in photography. It takes more than a “good eye” to create a beautiful image. One of the most fundamental parts of a good photo is the quality of photo editing. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the 11 Best Lightroom Presets for Portraits just for you.

Now, you may be one of those people who don’t mind editing photos for hours and hours, but for most, it can be a difficult, time-consuming task.

This article will help you save time and produce gorgeous, professional images with just a few clicks and adjustments.

We will be featuring our top 11 Adobe Lightroom Presets that will transform your portrait photos in only a few minutes. Say goodbye to manually editing your photos–it’s time to take advantage of these customized, professional presets that will give your portraits the vibrance and tone you’ve always wanted to achieve.

1. Enchanting Lightroom Presets for Portraits

66 Lightroom Presets for Portrait Photos.

Give your portraits an enchanting mood and tone while saving time from hours of editing. These enchanting presets for portraits will elevate the feel of your photos, effortlessly giving life and a story to your images. In just a few simple clicks, you can illuminate the best parts of your image to captivate your audience. If you’re new to editing, this preset collection is the perfect start to your batch editing journey. 

This collection contains 66 portrait presets, 67 portrait bush kits, a free portrait collection, 36 before and after photos that will inspire you and work on both RAW and JPG files. The collection also includes a comprehensive installation guide so you can start editing right away. It is also compatible with MAC and Windows computers. 

2. Portrait Lightroom Presets Collection 

Portrait of a gorgeous girl in autumn natural light.

Perfect for those who want that extra boost of color and vibrance in their portrait photos, the portrait bundle is a must-have in your editing tool kit. Transform dull, lifeless-looking images into eye-catching photos in just a few clicks. These presets are incredibly easy to use and work with many portrait photography styles. Using the brushes, you can easily edit lips, eyes, and enhance skin tones with a limitless combination of vivid tones and color variations.

This beautiful presets bundle includes 350 portrait presets, 198 unique portrait brushes, an easy-to-follow tutorial, and an instantly downloadable package. In this bundle, you’ll find a combination of vintage, cinematic, retro film, b&w, dreamy, moody, night, and many more collections all in one beautiful package.

Each collection is meant to work together to create a flawless image workflow experience, and it is a complete package of Adobe Lightroom Presets you’ll ever need. You’ll also save a massive amount of time just by having all the best presets in one place. Transform your portraits dramatically with this all-in-one portrait essentials bundle.

The presets work on both MAC and PC and are compatible with JPG and RAW files for a quick and effective batch editing workflow. Works with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC.

3. VF Presets

The collection of Lightroom Presets by Visual Flow has some of the best presets for portrait photography. Designed by wedding and portrait photographers, Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge and Jeff Newsom of DVLOP, these one-click presets are based on their patent pending system of development called “Lighting Condition Based Development,” which separates each preset by lighting condition.

From a user perspective, that means that the user simply selects the preset that corresponds to the lighting condition of the image, and the engine will do the rest.

4. Portrait Perfection Collection

portrait perfection collection of lightroom presets.

Here you will find quite literally everything you need to get started on editing portraits. The Portrait Perfection Collection is packed with a wide variety of collections geared for every style of portrait photography, whether it be Family, Fine Art, Black & White, Low Key Studio, or High Key Studio. Everything you need to get started on editing is right here in this massive collection. 

Whether you’re shooting with natural light or mainly using studio lights, The Portrait Perfection Collection features unique presets that will target the style of editing you are looking for. Don’t spend more time editing on your own – use these presets to manage your workflow faster and be impressed by the speed and results of your photos. Enjoy the different styles and colors these presets have to offer, and download them today!

5. The Night Portrait Presets

night portrait of a woman on the street.

Do you sometimes have to shoot portraits in difficult lighting situations? If you are shooting portrait photos during a nighttime event, you may find yourself shooting in the dark or in low-light situations. This night presets collection is designed for portrait photographers who have to shoot in difficult lighting situations including dark churches and even darker event rooms.

We love this set because it effortlessly removes any grain from your images. Even better, the bundle includes 30 lightroom presets with different genres including urban night lights, night street portraits, cinematic, and 15 lightroom brushes to improve every image. It works for both MAC and PC users and can be used on both RAW and JPG files.

6. Portrait Lightroom Presets & Workflow

lightroom presets bundle and workflow.

This beautiful collection is for all the wedding and event photographers out there. Speed up your workflow and get started on these professional presets that will impress your clients. Post-editing can be one of the time grueling processes for any photographer, especially if you specialise in weddings. This wonderful collection will leave you with more time and better output of incredible-looking photos! Perfect for engagements, weddings, birthdays, graduation photos, and special events. 

Bring out the story and intimacy in your photos with this collection of 90 Lightroom presets. Some unique features include split toning, vignettes, soft color, and many more. Compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Classic. All presets can be used with RAW and JPG files and are available for both MAC & PC. 

7. Faded Portrait Lightroom Presets

faded presets for lightroom.

Looking for that retro, vintage-style mood and tone in your portraits? You’ve come to the right spot. This lovely Faded Portrait Lightroom Presets Collection is for the artistic photographer looking for that extra vintage flair in their photos. Vintage is the New Black in today’s modern high fashion world. Create that unique tone and voice in your portraits with this charming collection, specifically created to reproduce the look of film camera photos and analog photography

You will find presets ranging from soft, faded film to high contrast, deep matte tones depending on the look you are going for. We promise you will especially enjoy using these presets if you’re a big lover of film photos and all-things-retro. The collection includes 20 Lightroom presets, Quick install instructions with a download, and works on both MAC and PC. These presets also work with RAW, TIFF, and JPEG files. 

8. Black & White Portrait Lightroom Presets 

collection of 30 lightroom presets for indoor photos.

This collection goes out to the black and white photography lovers – you will be impressed by this lovely and artistically-pleasing collection of 30 black & white presets for Adobe Lightroom. Each preset brings out the best skin tones and mood for truly striking images. Each preset is 100% non-destructive, meaning they’ve been tried and tested on real images and are guaranteed to produce effective editing results. In just a single click, transform your photos into trendy ones using black and white textures.

Compatible on both MAC and PC. Easy installation instructions are included and can be used in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC, and Lightroom Classic CC 7-9. 

9. Four Seasons Lightroom Preset Collection

portrait of a woman with paper flowers.

This preset collection will provide you with colorful presets suitable for any time of year. Give your autumnal photos a boost of color, get rid of the darkness in your winter portraits, bring your spring photos to life, and add even more sunshine to your summer shots within seconds!

The collection offers 337 presets for lightroom, and you can make any photo stand out using our diverse collection of presets. Save time and enhance your photographs, regardless of the season.

Compatible with Mac and PC, the bundle can be downloaded limitlessly with access to all future updates at no additional fees. Get the best secrets and tips from this stunning bundle deal! 

10. Cinematic Portrait Lightroom Preset Pack

warm toned portrait of a young woman with a horse outdoors.

Do you love the look of old school film and cinema? If this is your style, you may want to get the cinematic portrait presets. Add an artistic look to any photo with this collection of cinematic portrait lightroom presets.

The collection features 45 stunning portrait lightroom presets and 25 brushes. Each preset is customized and personalized for every type of portrait, making it easily adaptable. With the click of a button, your images will transport viewers back in time. Make your portrait photography appear from another era!

11. The Complete Lightroom Presets Collection

This collection is great for those who are starting out using presets and would like to experiment with different kinds of presets. Familiarize yourself with the tools, brushes, and how to adjust the tones, balances, contrasts, and more. You can transform your plain portraits within seconds just by downloading these presets! 

We’ve curated our own complete lightroom presets collection just for you. You’ll find 973 presets, 591 brushes, a free photo collection, before and after photos for reference, a step-by-step installation guide, and more. Compatible on both MAC and PC. You can use these lightroom presets on CC and Classic CC 7-9. 

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Natch Anan is a full-time content writer specializing in Social Media Marketing and Brand Journalism. She holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from The University of New Mexico. When she’s not working, you can find her hopping around SE Asia, film camera in hand and ready to capture the next story.

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