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Learn to create amazing photographs with a FREE Photography Course on portraiture, food, sports, or wedding photography. Start with our Beginner Photography Course and try your hand at landscape, nature, family, night, and street photography.

Our experts have created FREE online photography courses that offer comprehensive photography lessons and tutorials on a wide variety of topics. Our courses are packed full of photography tips and advice for both novices and professionals. This is the perfect place to learn photography.

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Photography Classes

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Latest Photography Classes

How to Take Better Portraits

How to Take Better Portraits: Understanding the Principles of Aperture

Portraiture and Aperture Portraiture is considered one of the most versatile and ever-changing practices of photography. A portrait is an image that not only captures...
Tips for Filling in Shadows Using Reflectors and External Flash

Tips for Filling in Shadows: Using Reflectors and External Flash

Filling in Shadows with Reflectors and External Flash The process of photographing portraits can be achieved by implementing either studio or natural light. Although natural...
using leading lines in composition

Using Leading Lines in Composition

A Compositional Tool Learning composition starts with an understanding of how humans look at things and how they see things. When a viewer looks at...
the rule of thirds

The Rule of Thirds in Photography

Introduction to the Rule of Thirds When you bring a camera up to your eyes and look through the viewfinder or at the LCD screen...
Free Photography Courses from

Free Photography Courses from

Free Photography Courses We have found another great resource offering online free photography courses. offers five free photography courses; Beginner Digital Photography, Introduction to...
Lectures on Digital Photography by Stanford Professor

Digital Photography Course by Stanford Professor

We are constantly on the lookout for free quality photography education and training resources, and we found an outstanding series of Lectures on Digital...