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alex-vita-web-designer-abstract-work Podcast

Interview with Alex Vita | GBPW Episode 120

It’s all about user experience, giving visitors control over the browsing experience. Not trying to force them into something. Alex Vita You can also listen …

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self-portrait-by-silvia-travieso Podcast

Interview with Silvia Travieso | GBPW Episode 119

You cannot make the art that you do not feel.  Silvia Travieso You can also listen to this episode on iTunes, Pocket Casts, Spotify, Castbox, …

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Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 13.45.46 Podcast

Welcome to our 52 Week Project! GBPW Episode 118

Our weekly themes are going to be very different and creative. We’ve got lots of amazing content in store for you, so make sure to …

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photo of a women on a white background. Portrait

White Background Photography: Step-by-Step Guide for Portraits

Shooting a model on seamless white paper, also known as white background photography, can produce images that have a timeless quality. Shooting against white backgrounds …

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golden-hour-couple-photo-by-karrah-kobus Podcast

Interview with Karrah Kobus | GBPW Episode 117

Consistency is a good thing to have, but I don’t think it means that everything has to look the same. I don’t think it means …

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Great Big Photography World

Ready to travel with us in the great big photography world?​

We want Great Big Photography World to be a source of valuable advice, inspiration, and motivation. We put a lot of love and effort into each episode and choose our interview guests very carefully.

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Interview with Joseph Pallante | GBPW Episode 116

I found some rare species [of fungi] that were the first recorded in New Zealand. Joseph Pallante You can also listen to this episode on …

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star trail during the night feature image
Photo Tips

A Complete Guide to Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is a technique used to capture a scene or event over a period of time and compress it into a short video. This …

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Interview with Rhiannon K | GBPW Episode 115

When I first started picking up my camera, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I loved taking photos, but when I was …

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Interview with Katherine Robbins | GBPW Episode 114

Living in Japan was a huge boost in my inspiration. When I first got there, just being around the culture and everything that I wasn’t …

essential equipment for macro photography.

Macro Photography Equipment: 11 Essential Gear Items

Macro photography is one of the most addicting forms of photography. It allows you to check out some of nature’s coolest things in super close-up …


Interview with Michael Bollino | GBPW Episode 113

At some point, you have to think about what really speaks to you and what works for you. Michael Bollino You can also listen to …

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Shape your photography by learning how the various pieces within a picture frame come together to convey different tones, attitudes, and perspectives.

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