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What Does A Photography Business Website Need?

Photography Business Website

When a client is looking for a photographer for a wedding, birthday, reunion, graduation, engagement, or senior pictures, one of the first places they are going to go to is the Internet. Every photography business should have a website where clients can find out how much you cost, and to look at your photography portfolio. A website is definitely a big deciding factor in choosing a photographer. So, what does your website need? How do you make your website user friendly? How do you get clients by putting up a website? First of all, a great way to learn this for yourself is to search for photographer’s websites, look at what each of them has, write down things you like and try to look at it from a client’s view.

Photography Business Website

What Does Your Website Need?

Your website needs to have information about you, prices, a portfolio, and contact information. This is usually found on pages like the following:

  • Home page: showing off your top work
  • About page: telling about your business and you
  • Services page: What are your specialties? What do you offer? Families, Seniors, Engagement, or Weddings, etc?
  • Galleries or Portfolio page: Share your top pictures, have categories.
  • Blog page: Shows your work and your personality as you write about your experiences and give advice as well.
  • Contact Us page: Include an address, phone or a contact form.


How Do You Make Your Website User Friendly?

Keep things where people are used to finding them. Don’t make your pages hard to find or confusing. It’s fun to be creative and different but avoid changing areas of your website that people expect to see. For example, we are used to having a link to the home page of a site on the far left of a navigation bar and a link on the far right to contact the company or owner of the website.

How Do You Get Clients by Having a Website?

Give out business cards with your web address on them. Make sure your portfolio is strong and shows your style. If people like your photography and can afford the price you charge people will contact you and tell others about you. A blog is also a great way to get people to your website. Offer clients advice on what they should wear. Write things you learn and how you notice your photography improving.

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