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10 Vital Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

One of the most important day in our lives is our wedding ceremony. All of us want our list of beautiful locations, elegant and modest wedding dresses, and a perfect photographic session to record the beautiful memories.

Whilst the selection of location, menu for catering and selection among a couple of modest wedding dresses is of great importance, a skilled photography will be most vital to help you to capture the magic of the day. As not all of us have had the chance of taking a wedding photography class, we’ve decided to create a set of practical tips for making a photo album to remember.

Here are 10 wedding photography tips and technicalities that a photographer should keep in mind during a photoshoot:

1. Create a Preparation Checklist

Prevention is better than cure. On the big day, you need to make sure that nothing goes wrong, so the photographer should create a preparation list which includes the cameras, battery charging, blank memory cards and all the other important items.

2. Develop a “Shot List”

During a wedding photoshoot, you need to have a plan to get it working. Plan beforehand about the shots you will be taking, where will you take them and who are the important people you need to capture. Keep a check of the groom and brides’ close family members and friends. This will help you get pictures of all the people in the wedding and you won’t miss out on anyone.

3. Learn About the Location

Location plays a big role in photography. Being a photographer, you need to make sure where the wedding will take place. Visit the location before the big day and analyze the best spots for photoshoot. This will be extremely helping for you, as you can rough out many ideas about the photoshoots. Moreover, you can also run some test shots to make sure how the actual photographs can be improved.

4. Capture Small Details

A wedding photoshoot may include formal pictures and group photos, but it must also include some more detailed pictures. You need to take iconic pictures of basic details like the wedding ring, the hall’s entrance, the stage, the arrangement of tables etc. Include pictures of flowers, decorations and all the beautiful things that can make your photography more unique.

These little details are the ones that nobody really notices, but when you take pictures of them in a unique way, people can have another perspective about the wedding ceremony.

5. Add Another Photographer for Coverage

If you are shooting a wedding that includes a large family or that includes a significant number of people, you should definitely hire another photographer. Not only will it reduce the work coverage pressure on you, but also will it result in more pictures in lesser time. Also make sure that the other photographer is well-trained and he has some professional experience.

wedding photography tips

6. Add Abstract Images

Every photographer can take formal group photos and beautiful photos of the couple. But if you want your photography to stand out, make use of unique ideas in your mind. Change your perspective by adding something extra to the pictures.

This can be done by taking shots from down low, up high and wide angles, making the image beautiful and unique. Moreover, you can also add more artistic ideas through Photoshop and other photography editing tools later that can add in to the beauty of your pictures. Lastly, you can also add in some candid photos that will add more beauty to the photography session.

7. Present Different Posing Ideas

Being a photographer, you should have some posing ideas in mind. You don’t want a set of photos with the same borings style. Add more to your pictures by adding some romantic poses for the couple, along with some fun poses for the friends and family.

Also, you can come up with some emotional poses that can make the beautiful wedding memories last. Present your posing ideas to the couple and others and make sure the pictures are taken with the perfect background.

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8. Provide Full Coverage to All Guests

You don’t want to miss out the major members of the family. Make sure you consider all the guests and family in your pictures. Call for group photos, add candid ones and make everyone’s appearance prominent through your photography. This too will add to the memories of the wedding.

9. What the Couple Wants

Most importantly, you should have a discussion with the couple beforehand about what they expect. No matter how many pictures you may take, if your ideas are not aligned with the couples’ expectation, they will get dissatisfied, so its better to take their opinions regarding the photography, and make sure you come up to their expectations.

10. Expect the Unexpected

Last but not the least, prepare yourself for the unexpected. Make sure that if anything goes wrong, you have an alternative to it. These moments might cause panic to the family and especially you as a photographer, but you need to remember that these situations too add in to the memories.

To sum it all up, enjoy doing the photoshoot and make sure you do your best. With proper efforts and adequate investment of time and money, you can make your wedding photography unique.

If you may like to learn more wedding photography tips, here are some of our favourite and highly recommended courses:

Sara Sheikh
Sara Sheikh
Sara Sheikh is a professional engineer and loves to design, embracing modesty in everyday life. She founded Covered Bliss in 2013.


  1. Dear Sarah, Thank you for such an informative and tutelary article on the tips that one would require as an armature to the field of wedding photography. It’s an exclusive subject to work for and requires a lot of planning so that someone’s special moments do not get lost. Every word penned is biblical.


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