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Professional Wedding Photography

An interview with a Professional Wedding Photographer about the Wedding Photography business.

1. Many of the Wedding Photographers will be wanting to start their own business doing wedding photography. What advice would you give to other Wedding Photographers as far as starting the business and making it profitable?

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I know that starting out, you are going to be hired often times because you are cheap. And that is great, work is work so take it. Take everything you get offered and then photograph every event like it is the only event. I smile big, I have fun with the brides maids, I look for every interesting angle and shot I can come up with, I make sure the bride knows how stunning she looks, I make sure the mother of the bride knows every effort at making her daughters day special is appreciated. In short, I try to be as genuine and useful as I can at every wedding, no matter who it is or what I am getting paid. Brides talk, bridesmaids get married down the road, mothers of the bride have friends with daughters, word will get out about how indispensable you are, and soon you will be getting hired doing weddings because they have to have you, not because you are cheap, and that is when you can raise your pricing accordingly.

2. Do you have a style? Posed and formal, relaxed, photo journalistic, creative, artistic, candid, traditional? Do you suggest that other Wedding Photographers have a style or remain open to various styles?

I have been trying to decide what my “style” is this whole year, and I can’t pin it down. I tried to go strictly photo journalistic, it didn’t work well for me, most of my clients aren’t used to being in front of a camera and want a little guidance from me, so I try to do that: set up shots, pose up couples, and then let the moment happen. I try to do Wedding Photography as creative and artistic as possible and I keep my eyes peeled for emotion, and try to be ready to capture it. I think that over time my style will become more and more defined, and I think that is the same for most wedding photographers. Over time you learn the things you like to do, the things that definitely do not work for you, and go accordingly.

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3. What do you think about the Mother of the Wedding? Tolerable? How can other wedding photographers deal with the mother and bride?

Ok, this is a tricky question, I have been asked a lot about dealing with “bridezilla” and honestly, I don’t know if I have just been lucky or what, but I have never encountered one. Maybe I just have amazing clients. As for the mothers, well, I think I learned a great lesson this year about mothers and brides.., not all mother/daughter relationships are equal and I think it is my responsibility to gauge that and act accordingly. I try and put myself in the position of the mother, or the bride, which is easy for me as a woman, and I try and make sure that everyone feels validated. A LOT of emotions are going on at a wedding and sometimes it is as much my job to listen as it is to photograph. I could probably write a whole segment on this topic though, it is one of my favorite aspects of the wedding day, as weird as that sounds.

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4. Do you recommend having an assistant for Wedding Photography? What do you look for in a wedding photography assistant and what is their role?

Absolutely, get an assistant if you can!!! I have the worlds best assistant for Wedding Photography, she is perfect. We work well together, she knows instinctively what I need when I need it. She does not mind carrying my stuff all over kingdom come, she knows I am flighty and forgetful and that when I photograph I get into a zone where I can’t remember my own name, let alone my flash cover. She is also my second pair of eyes, she is very good at seeing details that are out of place and letting me know. I say, if you can get a “Linda Clone” you are all set to go in the assistant department. I should also mention that I have an enormous ego sometimes and not only does she help me keep that in check when it is appropriate, but she helps inflate it when I need it most. Can you tell I feel strongly about this? I LOVE my assistant. Get one just like her.

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5. What Photography equipment would you bring with you to the Wedding?

I have my 5D, my back up camera, my 24-70 lens, and my 50 mm. I usually rent a couple of lenses for weddings, such as a 70-200 and a wide angle. I have a 480 ex flash, a reflector, a tripod, a wireless remote trigger for the flash, and a myriad of memory cards. My sweet hubby also always packs me a snack, a bottle of water, gum and some form of caffeine. (I love him)

6. How do you manage photography copyrights? How would you recommend managing copyrights?

Copyrights… I include a CD with my package so I generally just give them a letter allowing them to print the pictures where they choose. There are two reasons for this. Number one, they are going to do it anyway, and number two, I am a little lazy, I do not want to deal with making prints. I make strong suggestions on where to print the pictures, and I even show them samples of generic print labs verses great print labs, and that is that. I know other people do it differently but I am just not that organized.


  1. That’s great advice especially on the one when about when you’re just starting out. Getting your feet wet and getting a lot of gigs will build up your portfolio plus you’ll be getting the “Education in the trenches”, which is really priceless. It’s like on the job training plus you get paid. You learn how to deal with clients and the people in weddings which is really really valuable. And lastly, the more experience you have under your belt, the better you get and the better quality of customers you’ll be able to attract.

  2. i would like to take the nyip course and start with sports and weddings. what would be a reasonable slr camera to start out with and lens including telephoto. i would like to do racing photos. .i know it will be a while but i need a decent camera to start with that can give me a start in the photo. thank you

  3. I believe photography is a hobby, if you love what your doing then it is consider as hobby. You feel the passion, and the output is always good.

  4. hi I am Li Pei Hong, Rachel

    I like to take some nice photos so my dream is to become a photographer… so i am now looking the photography course… this is my sweet dream…. this is also a types of art

    thank you

  5. As I Told before I buying my fist equipment for become in to a professional photographer. The main reason why I will like to become in one Pro , is of course the opportunity that I have while I been working on this type of events for almost 4 years . So I know and I understand how important is the treatment , service and help to the bride and of course to the family ( MOTHER ) .
    And of course A lot of work , Long hours , but great job and good pay , And thats why I`m buying my equipment , plus give me the opportunity to do what I like the most and make some cash for the living and future equipment . For those Wedding photographers , My congratulations , you must be very happy doing this type of Art.

  6. some great points and ideas there. good idea to show clients the difference between a good print and an average print because a poor print reflects badly on the photographer. also agreed re the assistant makes a huge difference. no doubt about it. cheers

  7. These are great questions to ask when considering hiring a wedding photographer. Get all your questions answered before signing a contract.


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