(Last Updated On: June 16, 2019)

Building a Website

What’s needed to get a basic website started? It’s fairly simple and cheap! You’ll need:

  1. A Domain (the name of your website) – $8/year
  2. Hosting (somewhere to store the site) -$102/year
  3. Setup (Installing software and making the site your own) – Free


Choose a domain that is relevant to what you’ll be doing and short enough that people can type it easily without making errors.

Good Domain Example: Photographycourse.net
Bad Domain Example: mysiteaboutteachingforfreenstuff.com

Website Domain RegistrationWe recommend using 1&1 to purchase domains as they offer super low prices and make it really easy to auto-renew each year. Auto Renewing ensures that you will keep the name year after year. You can check for domains using the tool below.


Website HostingYou can think of hosting as a computer that stores all of your files and everyone on the internet can access the files on that computer. There are lots of ways that you can interact with the hosting computers but for now we’ll keep it simple, you’ll just want to buy some hosting, which is essentially renting space for months or years at a time on these special “internet computers”. For hosting we recommend Webfaction as they make the setup process fairly easy and their prices are reasonable.


web cmsFor setting up your site we recommend using WordPress. It’s free and super easy to use. It can be used on the simplest of sites or larger ones like this. Most hosting providers, including Webfaction, make it really easy to install onto your hosting. When you have WordPress you can edit pages easily and change out themes.

How to Create a Website That Will Grow Your Photography Business


  1. What do you think about GoDaddy, or say HostGator? Aren’t there some hosting companies that offer something geared more towards photographers?


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