Bring home stunning images and impress your family and friends with a travel photography course. Learn to capture a beautiful scene and turn it into a poignant photograph. Discover travel photography subjects like museums and churches, urban landscapes, sunrise and sunset photography.

travel photography course
Travel photography is a great genre where you can combine your love of travel with your passion for photography. Using these travel photography tips for beginners will result in great images such as this desert sunrise.

19 Useful Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

Travel photography is one of the most popular photography genres. It makes sense because you can make money and have fun at the same...
Travel photography books, such as Photography Demystified by David McKay, give you advice on what to bring and how to transport it safely.

10 Books Every Travel Photographer Should Read

Travel photography is an exciting field, but requires a greater degree of preparation than other niches. It also necessitates a good understanding of technical...
10 Tips to Improve your Vacation Photos

10 Tips to Improve your Vacation Photos

Vacation Photography Travel and vacation photography is a great way to capture the memorable moments from your recent adventures. Yet, with the phenomenon of traveling...
Premium Photography Courses

Premium Travel Photography Classes

Online video photography classes are a convenient and economical way to learn and improve your photography skills. Photography Course has partnered with top online learning providers like Udemy, Craftsy, and CreativeLive to offer you affordable courses from international master professional photographers. Learn how to learn how to capture local flavor in your photographs, the best subjects for travel photography, photographing museums and churches, lenses and filters, unique perspectives, and more from top photography instructors.

Udemy Photography Courses
Craftsy Photography Classes
CreativeLive Photography Classes
Nuts & Bolts of Travel Photography

Nuts & Bolts of Travel Photography

Everything you ever wanted to know about travel photography (available on Udemy). View Course
Travel Photography Bring Home Awesome Photos

Travel Photography: Bring Home Awesome Photos!

A complete guide to taking great photos while traveling using any camera. The perfect photography course for beginners (available on Udemy). View Course
Travel Photography - Amazing Tips and Techniques

Travel Photography – Amazing Tips and Techniques

UPDATED 2015! Improve your travel images with any digital camera using simple camera settings & creative techniques (available on Udemy). View Course
Travel Photography The Essential Guide

Travel Photography: The Essential Guide

Photograph the unique beauty of any locale like a pro! (available on Craftsy). View Course
Shoot to Process for Travel Photography

Shoot to Process for Travel Photography

From shoot to post-processing, capture travel photos as beautiful as the moments you experienced! (available on Craftsy). View Course
The Art of Travel Photography Six Expert Lessons

The Art of Travel Photography: Six Expert Lessons

Capture your adventures with magazine-worthy photos (available on Craftsy). View Course
Travel Photography The-Complete Guide

Travel Photography: The Complete Guide

Learn how to deal with everyday tourists in your shots, select the best lens for each situation, organize the chaos of a scene into a compelling image (available on CreativeLive). View Course

Travel Photography Class by John Greengo

Travel Photography

Learn how to research and plan a trip around great photography, how to tell what gear you’ll need, and how to travel with it safely (available on CreativeLive). View Course

Travel Photography Landscapes, Aerials, Skylines

Travel Photography: Landscapes, Aerials, and Skylines

Learn how to capture the cityscapes and backdrops of your travels. Learn composition, gear and how to successfully capture iconic skylines and viewpoints with a fresh perspective (available on CreativeLive). View Course