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WordPress Themes For Photographers

One of the most important things to your success as a photographer is your portfolio, and these days our portfolios are almost entirely comprised on our personal websites or venues like Flickr and Instagram. If you’re like me and are using WordPress to showcase your portfolio, which theme you choose can make all the difference.

So with the million and one WordPress themes out there, how is one to decide? Here are some key aspects you should keep in mind if you want a great looking webpage.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a great WordPress Theme:

  1. Choose a theme built especially for photographers, photo-bloggers, and portfolio showcasing. Themes that’s natively built for showcasing images will have a substantially different design than what standard blogs/sites use.
  1. Unless you’re a programmer or website designer, choose a theme that’s easy to customize. The last thing a non-programmer needs is to find out they need to go into the bowels of the code to make important changes.
  1. Look for themes that use responsive design. Responsive design ensures that your content will show up correctly, no matter what device your viewers are using. Without a responsive design, your site may look great on a desktop, but look weirdly compressed or otherwise malformed when seen on a smartphone.
  1. If you really want your images to look great all of the time, your WordPress theme will also need to be “retina-ready.” Retina-ready is Apple’s new high-resolution technology for getting the sharpest images that translate perfectly across all screen sizes. Sure, it’s only good on Apple products, but now-a-days that’s around 30 million people and if you want your images to look great 100% of the time and on all platforms, Apple users can’t be ignored.
  1. Be sure to check the comments for your premium theme – some themes might look great on the demo, but the comments will show that users are having problems with it. Check for great customer service and happy purchasers. (I actually scrapped one great-looking plug-in from this list because it had too many frustrated users in the comments section.)

If you’re looking for free themes, you probably won’t have much luck meeting the criteria above, but if you’re willing to invest in a premium theme you’ll find they’re well-worth the money once you’ve found the right one.

The 5 Best WordPress themes for photographers

Once you’ve found themes that meet these 5 criteria, the rest is pretty much up to personal taste and the particular needs of your site/portfolio. Even with these standards, there will still be countless themes to filter through.  To help you out, we’ve chosen five of the best WordPress themes out there for photographers right now:

1. Bleecker – Responsive Retina-Ready WP Portfolio

Bleecker – Responsive Retina-Ready WP Portfolio

Bleeker is one of the newer WordPress themes on the market and features an sleek, elegant, design that stands out amongst the crowd.  It features a simple, grid-system layout, animated portfolios, and forward-thinking formatting so that it will be easy to adapt to future innovations. It’s optimized for mobile touch and has many tools integrated into the WordPress administration panel, making it easy to customize.

2. Klaus – Retina Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Klaus - Retina Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Klaus features a more classic responsive design that’s a bit more multipurpose, which makes it great if you need your website to do more than host your portfolios and blog. It’s strongest point is that it provides an amazing amount of flexibility and is easily customizable, allowing you to build new pages quickly and easily.

3. FLEXIT – Theme for Photographers and Portfolios

FLEXIT - Theme for Photographers and Portfolios

If you’re the type of photographer that wants your best shots front and center, Flexit might be the one for you. This theme has a strong focus on images and even the home page can double as a portfolio. It features 8 different gallery types, photo walls, and an optional parallax effect to make your images look their best.

4. Zoomy – Professional Photography WordPress Theme


Zoomy - Professional Photography WordPress Theme

Zoomy is a favorite with many photographers and features a classic responsive design. There are more than enough custom widgets and social sharing tools, and its  smooth transition effects and sliders have earned it many fans.  Like Bleeker, Zoomy includes a filterable and animated portfolio, as well as being easy to customize.

5. Titan Responsive Portfolio Photography Theme

Titan Responsive Portfolio Photography Theme

Titan is a WordPress theme designed for photographers in mind. It’s pages are quite minimalist and sparse on text, making the photos the primary point of focus. Both the set-up and design are incredibly simple, and even the most inexperienced of WordPress users can get their sites up and running fairly quickly.

If none of these WordPress themes do it for you, there are still many more out there.  If you’re already using one and love it, we’d love to know what it is and why it’s special.


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