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Cloud Storage for Photos

If you’ve spent much time watching TV in the united states you’ve probably heard the commercial with the phrase, “to the cloud”. There is a good chance you were left asking yourself, “What is the cloud?”. Well I’ll tell you what the cloud is and what it means to you as a photographer.

Cloud Server

Cloud HostingAll the files for this website are stored in a place where everyone can access them, the place is a server. It’s actually stored on multiple servers so that there is one in your neighborhood (or country). A Cloud Server is the newest and best way of storing files where you have access to them wherever you are, and it’s quick access. It means everything is backed up so if your computer gets destroyed your files are still safe. It means just like you can access Photography Courses anywhere you are, you can also access your files wherever you are.  It means you can work on projects without having them take up as much space on your computer.

Cloud Phtotographers

How does Cloud Technology help Photographers?

  1. Files are everything to a digital photographer. Having them stored off site is a necessary precaution for your photography business.
  2. Higher Productivity. Being able to work on them wherever you are traveling too or from helps photographers be more productive.
  3. You can grow as large as you need. Places like Gmail or Amazon use cloud technology, so you never have to worry about running out of room to grow.
  4. You pay only for the space you use. Your essentially renting the space rather than paying for hard drives or other hardware that you may or may not use.

How Can I get on a Cloud?

Cloud Sharing A good free option is Dropbox. They give you 2 GB of storage space on their cloud for free just for signing up. You can upgrade and get more but right of the bat you get 2 GB. The storage integrates great on Mac’s (haven’t tried it on PC’s) where you just get an additional folder in your finder places. It’s also easy to share your storage space with friends and colleagues.

If you are just looking for an off site backup carbonite or mozy are good backup systems that use the cloud.

A Careful and Consistent Backup Regimen (free video)


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