(Last Updated On: March 27, 2020)
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Testing Underwater Housing Before Entering the Water

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2020)

Underwater Camera Housing

Your underwater housing is the only thing standing between your camera and the water. So it stands to good reason that you take the careful time necessary to ensure that your underwater housing unit is all in order and functioning as designed. This can save your camera from flooding, getting scratched, and various other common mistakes involved with underwater photography and your camera.

Canon Waterproof CaseTake your time. When dealing with opening your camera’s underwater housing be sure you have the room to move without bumping anything. Careless bumps and rushed preparation can very easily lead to flooding once you’re in the water. Look carefully for anything that may be caught in the grooves of the housing. Even a hair can be enough to let the water come in and ruin your camera during a dive.

Immediately after your complete and thorough inspection in a well lit, open space promptly closing the housing. Once closed to your satisfaction take a test shot with the strobes on. This will let you know that everything is working properly. This will verify that your camera is taking pictures properly, focusing correctly, the exposure is right, the strobes are working, and the ISO and JPEG settings are correct. If you don’t, something is bound to go wrong and possibly ruin the shoot.

Pre-Entry Checklist

  • Housing closed properly
  • Camera working
  • Settings correct
  • Lens cap off
  • Memory card in camera

It would be wise to also keep a spare memory card and batteries available on the boat in case they are needed.

Lastly, do not jump into the water with your camera! Have someone in the boat hand your camera down to you. The impact of hitting the water can open your housing, cause flooding, or damage equipment. A slower entrance is strongly advised.


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