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Make a Living Teaching Photography

Create the Best Digital Photography Class You Can

Film and edit your photography class. We provide help every step of the way to bring your course on our platform as soon as possible. 

Grow Your Reach and Following

Post relevant content on our blog and YouTube channel to get exposure and spread the word about your course. The more, the merrier!

Start Earning Money

Passion, hard work, and patience will lead to success. If you invest your time and energy in each course, you can expect to see great results!

Why PhotographyCourse.net?

To put it simply: we are on our way to becoming the number one educational photography community in the world!

Make a Positive Change

Bringing and keeping families together, making the world aware of important causes,  showcasing other beautiful crafts and capturing life-changing moments. We believe photography is a powerful tool. It provides us with skills worth mastering to have a real impact.

Thousands of Enthusiastic Members

Winning trust in a competitive industry isn’t easy. Benefit from the confidence we have from our devoted community members. They’re waiting to see your amazing photography content!

Creative Freedom & Time

Creating a good course is one thing. Sharing it with the world is a completely different matter. Focus on creating the most incredible course. Let us take care of the rest. 


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Interact With Your Audience

Be a part of our fantastic community and get in touch with your students through our forums and social groups.

Massive Earnings

With over 100,000 monthly organic visitors, we've got you covered with many potential students. It's not easy to get this kind of organic traffic on your own.

New Features Released Regularly

We are on our way to becoming the best source of photography knowledge. For this reason, we often release new features to our platform to improve your students' learning experience.

Intuitive Dashboards

Easy-to-use dashboards to monitor your sales.

Creative Help

Eye-catching landing pages aren't easy to create. Our team will be there to support you from start to end to give your class the best possible look.

Monthly Payments

Getting paid on time is important. We process your earnings every month!

Interact with Other Teachers

Meet, inspire, and learn from passionate teachers in our social group. This is a group that you'll definitely want to join!

Personalised Referral Link

Invite people from your own community and earn even more! Just use your personalised referral link. These sales will come in at a higher commission rate of 75% - 85%.

Commission Structure

Collaboration Type

Your Earnings Per Sale

Exclusive (you sell your courses only at PhotographyCourse.net)


Non-Exclusive (you sell your courses through other partners or your channels)


Estimate Your Monthly Earnings with an Exclusive Contract

Depending on how many lessons your course includes, we have three pricing levels. Basic course: $29 | Intermediate course: $99 | Advanced course: $199

Your approximate earnings are:


Per Month

“Thank you, PhotographyCourse.net, for allowing me on their affiliate program. I see much better conversion rates than any other photography platform out there. Looking forward to all the new courses and products the team is pushing! ”

Daniel Lemp (Affiliate PhotographyCourse.net)

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Photography Instructor

Easy! Click the “Join the waitlist” button on this page and fill out the form. The more info you provide about yourself, the more chance you have to be selected for the next round of our selection process.

There is no fee to be an instructor on PhotographyCourse.net. Instructors are paid according to a revenue share model. 

You will get paid every month. You can choose between Paypal, Payoneer or direct deposit.

You always keep the intellectual property rights of your course.

If you sign up for the exclusive contract, we require you not to publish your course on different platforms than PhotographyCourse.net.

If you sign up for the non-exclusive contract, you can also offer your course on other services or sell it yourself directly, but we ask that your course is not offered for a lower price than on PhotographyCourse.net.

We like paying our instructors in bulks of at least $200.

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