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Camera settings for wildlife photography are important, because, as seen in this image of a bear under the trees, low light conditions are common.

Camera Settings For Wildlife Photography In Low Light

Wildlife photography is a popular and rewarding genre, but it is also challenging. One of the common challenges is the lighting, particularly low light....
So, you want to be a photographer like this man with his camera, but now you have to choose between the most popular types of photography genres

13 Most Popular Types of Photography Genres

There are approximately 152,000 people employed as photographers in the United States. People choose this career for a variety of reasons. Some like the...
wildlife photography tips

Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

Thinking about trying your hand at wildlife photography? Check out these great tips for shooting stunning, dynamic wildlife images -- even if you’re...
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5 Best Cameras For Wildlife Photography

With the right wildlife photography camera, you can capture truly spectacular images Wildlife photography is one of...