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Canon Camera Lenses for Sports Photography - Indoor and Outdoor

7 Best Canon Lenses For Sports Photography

Sports photography can be as rough and tumble a photography niche as the sports you’re shooting....
The best sports photographers capture the thrill of the action because they are in the action, as seen in this image of a surfer in the barrel.

The 10 Best Sports Photographers To Follow For Inspiration

If you want to be a sports photographer, it can really help to follow some of the best sports photographers in the business for...
Sports Photography Tips For Beginners

21 Sports Photography Tips For Beginners

Sports photography is a thrilling genre. It involves constant action, variable light conditions, and of course, there are the fans.  For the photographer, all...
So, you want to be a photographer like this man with his camera, but now you have to choose between the most popular types of photography genres

13 Most Popular Types of Photography Genres

There are approximately 152,000 people employed as photographers in the United States. People choose this career for a variety of reasons. Some like the...
Photographing Runners

Tricks and Tips for Photographing Runners

Pre-race Planning Learn as much as you can about running. Since only really good photos are published, study magazines and websites to learn the...