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Understanding Post Production in Lightroom

Understanding Post Production in Lightroom

Post Production in Adobe Lightroom Learning how to properly edit your images is vital in a digital photography world. Although there are  several programs to...
Edit Photos in Adobe Lightroom

How to Edit Photos in Adobe Lightroom

Editing Photographs in Adobe Lightroom Editing your photos can be a daunting task for many photographers, especially after shooting a large event like a wedding...
Using White Balance

Photo Editing Workflow Tutorial

Photo Editing Workflow If you’ve been practicing photography for a while now, you’ve probably developed some system for post-processing your images. Of course, it’s always...
Irfan View Photo Editor

Top 5 Photo Editing Tools (Absolutely Free)

Photo Editing Tools These days, even the most basic digital cameras can produce great photos – ones you feel happy instantly sharing. Yet once in...
Photo editing screen thumbnails

Why Edit Your Work

Photo Editing The term “editing” has lost part of its meaning because of prevalent and well-known tools such as Photoshop. However to edit something doesn’t...