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Camera lenses

Camera Lenses Explained

Camera Lenses Next to the camera body, your camera lenses are the second most important part of your camera. Selecting the right lens (or lenses)...
autumn photography - trees reflecting off water

Autumn Photography Tips

Autumn (fall) Photography Autumn has arrived! For photographers, it’s one of the most colorful and photogenic seasons of the year. Regardless of whether you’re a...
Macro with a Point and Shoot Camera

Using Macro with a Point and Shoot Camera

Macro Photography Most every point and shoot camera now comes equipped with a macro button. It looks like a little flower. So how do you...
Basic Rules for Shooting Macro Photography

Basic Rules for Shooting Macro Photography

Macro Photography Macro Photography is all about the details. With macro photography dealing with such a close proximity between camera and subject, there are plenty...
Capture Art in Food Photography

Capture the Art in Your Food Photography

Food Photography In today’s society it has almost become a hobby for people to snap a picture of the food they just made, throw it...
Nature photography close-up of a butterfly

Nature Closeup

Close Up Photography in Nature You are seeing this butterfly about twice it's normal size. John took this beautiful image with a 100mm macro (close-up)...