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lens aperture closeup

Introduction to Aperture

Aperture In our course on Understanding the Exposure Triangle, we talked about the importance of light in photography and about controlling how much light gets...
Nikon DSLR with pop-up flash

Using the Pop-up Flash on Your Camera

Pop-up Flash This article, though primarily intended for DSLR users, would be just as useful for any digital camera user with a built-in flash. I...
Neutral Density Filter

Why Do You Need a Neutral Density Filter?

Neutral Density Filter The neutral density (ND) filter is second in importance to only the circular polarizing filter (C-PL). I will write a separate dedicated...
Sunset Photography Basilica St Peter Rome

Sunset Photography (Easy as 1, 2, 3)

Sunset Photography You may have probably faced this challenge many times. You’re standing in front of the most magical sunset. You decide to whip out...
Low Light Photography

Low Light Photography Tips

Low Light Photography I wrote about flash painting in one of my previous articles. It is but one application of low light photography techniques which...