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Taking Advantage of Depth of Field

Taking Advantage of Depth of Field

What is Depth Of Field? The terms 'depth of field', 'bokeh', 'aperture', and 'f-stop' get thrown around a lot in the photography world. But what...
Depth of Field How What and When

Depth of Field (How, What, & When)

Depth of Field As a beginner photographer you may have been introduced to the term depth of field. This is one of those terms that...
Physics of Depth of Field

Physics of Depth of Field

Depth of Field Physics We were recently asked about the inner workings or physics behind depth of field, in other words, why does a smaller aperture...
Focus Mode setting on camera lens

Focus Mode

The Focus Mode This setting is used to determine how the camera focuses using a selector switch on the front of the camera. The switch will...
af on

AF-ON (Auto Focus On)

Auto Focus On Button The AF-ON button is also used to activate automatic focusing. By default on most cameras when pushed half way down the...