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Wedding Photography Lighting

Wedding Photography Lighting – 5 Essential Tips You Must Know

Wedding Photography Lighting The thing that most wedding photographers find difficult to deal with when actually photographing weddings is the lighting. No two weddings are...
Inexpensive Photography Lighting

Poor Man’s Studio Lighting

Studio Lighting Last weekend I did some head shots for a friend of mine and her band.  I don’t have a lot of studio lighting equipment, I...
Advantages of an External Flash

10 Advantages of an External Flash

External Flash Photography The basic flash that comes on your camera should rarely be used, it adds sharp shadows and flattens out your subject too...
Fun with Flashes

Fun with Flashes

Flash Photography The last wedding reception I photographed was a little cute backyard wedding, and they had strung up bulb lights and colored lanterns across...
Allow Smoothing

Allow Smoothing In CS3 &CS4

'Allow Smoothing' is off by default for the images that you use in Adobe Flash. That means those images will look jagged if...