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5 Things To Think About When Starting A Photography Business

A professional photography business is more than taking beautiful photographs, but that’s also a must! Starting a...
Making Money with Photography

Making Money with Photography

Make Money as a Photographer If you've come to this site you probably love photography. There are probably only a few photographers that wouldn't love...
Why Join a Photography Organization

Why Join a Photography Organization?

Seven Best Reasons to join a Photography Organization The best seven reasons for joining a photography organization are: Network - Talk with other photographers that have the...
Becoming a Professional Photographer

Becoming a Professional Photographer

The Road to Becoming a Professional Photographer Making money with your camera seems obvious, so you may be thinking about becoming a  professional photographer. People...
Building A Client Relationship

Building a Client Relationship

Professional Client Photographer Relationship The month after I purchased my very first camera, a 35 mm canon rebel, a friend of mine asked me to...