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Low-Key Images Dramatic profile

Simple Tips to Produce Low-key Images

Low-key Photography A very simple technique that allows you to produce interesting images is the low-key treatment. It is actually a combination of lighting technique,...
Depth of Field How What and When

Depth of Field (How, What, & When)

Depth of Field As a beginner photographer you may have been introduced to the term depth of field. This is one of those terms that...
Good of Bokeh

The Good of Bokeh

Bokeh Add a new dimension to your photography with the use of bokeh.  You can have good bokeh and bad bokeh. The easiest way to...
Physics of Depth of Field

Physics of Depth of Field

Depth of Field Physics We were recently asked about the inner workings or physics behind depth of field, in other words, why does a smaller aperture...
zoom lenses

Optical Zoom

What is Optical Zoom? Optical zoom is the achieved by using your camera's zoom lens. Optical zoom is the increase in the focal length of your zoom lens. The focal...