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Edit Photos in Adobe Lightroom

How to Edit Photos in Adobe Lightroom

Editing Photographs in Adobe Lightroom Editing your photos can be a daunting task for many photographers, especially after shooting a large event like a wedding...
Using White Balance

Photo Editing Workflow Tutorial

Photo Editing Workflow If you’ve been practicing photography for a while now, you’ve probably developed some system for post-processing your images. Of course, it’s always...
Photoshop CS6

Getting Familiar with Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6 So I originally started using Photoshop Elements probably 10 years ago and through the years have become the most familiar with CS4 but...
Photoshop Batch Process

Batch Processing Photos

Batch Processing The Adobe suite offers Photoshop and Fireworks for batch processing photographs. To Batch Process is just changing multiple photographs all in one sweep....
Allow Smoothing

Allow Smoothing In CS3 &CS4

'Allow Smoothing' is off by default for the images that you use in Adobe Flash. That means those images will look jagged if...