(Last Updated On: October 2, 2018)

Wedding Dress Details

The traditional wedding dress is all white with glittery, sparkly details that can transform a plain white dress into a memorable bridal gown. In fact, the bride you are photographing most likely spent hours and hours looking for that perfect dress and loves it for all the details. So how do you get those details to stand out and bring out the intricate beauty of each part of the wedding gown? Well, it all comes down to the lighting and creating shadows to draw attention to all the little details that mean so much to your bride.

Wedding dress

So when choosing where to have these detail-driven portraits of your bride be mindful of the light and how you place your bride within that light.  Whether you are using the light from a window or the flash from your camera be sure to angle the bride so that the light comes across the details you are highlighting. This will create tiny little shadows to showcase each detail individually and it will come together as a stunning shot full of detail and dimension.

The simplest way to make sure your positioning of the bride in your lighting is ideal is to angle her shoulder nearest the light source forward into that light.  A straight on shot of the wedding dress will cause the light to drown out the details and just show white.

Help your bride remember all the details of her special day by capturing breathtaking shots that include and even show off the detailing of her dress.


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