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Why Join a Photography Organization?

Seven Best Reasons to Join a Photography Organization

The best seven reasons for joining a photography organization are:

Network – Talk with other photographers that have the same business challenges you do.

Stay Current – Keep up with the trends in the photography industry.

Mentors – Find a photographer that is better than you are to help you raise your game.


Playmates – If you want to go play with your camera you will always know someone who can go play with you.

Expertise – You’ll have a pool of people you can go to with a client or camera question and there is sure to be someone that has had a similar experience.

Critiques – There is no better way to learn to be a great photographer than to allow other photographers to give you their unemotional opinion of what works and what doesn’t with an image.

Insurance – Most of the larger organizations have group insurance coverage. Professional Photographers of America has indemnification insurance as part of their membership that covers you should something unforeseen happen. For example, your camera malfunctions and misses all the shots at a wedding and you don’t know until you are trying to download the images- PPA attorneys are there for you. PPA also offers insurance so that if your hard drive crashes then they will help you try to retrieve the information (always back up your back up because there are never any guarantees when you try to retrieve information).

In my opinion, belonging to a good photographic organization is essential to your business for both your business health and your own.

Popular Photography Organizations

› American Photography Association
› American Photographic Artists
› American Association of Media Photographers
› NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association)
› Professional Photographers of America
› World Photography Association


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  1. A good site is Ephotozine where you can upload one photo a day and people vote and give comments.You can also choose to have a critique.there;s much more on the site,try it out.


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