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How to Remove Background in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial for Changing & Removing Backgrounds

At one time or another, most of us will want to remove a background, from turning a snapshot into a portrait to creating an advertising image. Many Photoshop tutorials will show you a single way to remove backgrounds in Photoshop, but this course teaches you all the ways that are available, and explains how and why to choose among them, whether you’re preparing a small image for upload or perfecting a larger image for print. Instructor Aaron Nace, who has a jaw-dropping mastery of Photoshop, makes the course easy to follow and fun.

The short sections allow you to jump around and repeat sections and the variable speeds allow you to slow down or speed up the narration as you go. Because Aaron works in real time, you can follow along with him in Adobe Photoshop. Keyboard shortcuts appear on the screen, so you quickly learn them, saving loads of time as you work.

When you complete this course, you’ll be able to remove and replace a background so seamlessly, your changes will be virtually undetectable, and you’ll master many Photoshop functions and tools.

Remove Background in Photoshop

Learn to Use Tools and Channels

Even if you’re fairly new to Photoshop, you’ll get an enormous benefit from the course, because Aaron reviews every tool before he shows you how to use it. Once you’ve become familiar with these tools, you’ll use them for all sorts of Photoshop projects.

The first chapter takes you through the selection process of cutting out a figure so that you can remove it from the background behind it. You’ll learn how to use the lasso tool, magic wand, and color range selectors and when to use each one.

Later sections introduce tools for refining your selections with the select and mask function and masking layers, and Aaron guides you through dialogue boxes, the refine edge brush and the decontaminate color function. You’ll learn how to easily perfect your selection by simply painting on the layer mask with the brush tool, solving the most difficult problems of cutting out, such as selecting hair.

Let’s Get Started with the Tutorial

Aaron then moves on to using channels, starting with an explanation of what channels really are, which makes everything that follows much easier to understand. He shows you how to increase the contrast between light and dark to make selection easier and then teaches you to load your selection onto a layer mask so you can refine it.

Cut and remove background in photoshop

Learn to Flawlessly Cut Out an Image

Aaron’s explanation of cutting out images with the pen tool is super clear. He teaches you how to use it step by step, then repeats the process in real time throughout the remainder of the course. He does the same thing with the brush tool, showing you how to use to use brush presets, how to change the flow and angle of the brush and how to use the transparency lock to paint only on non- transparent pixels. The more you learn, the quicker and easier your work becomes.

By the time you complete this chapter you’ll be able to use all the available tools to cut a figure from its background, and you’ll know when to choose each of them to solve a variety of problems.

Learn to Remove Background in Photoshop

Now that you know how to cut out an image, Aaron moves on to changing backgrounds, but in each section, he cuts out another image, so you get to review the process again and again, each time becoming more adept.

In this chapter, he teaches you how to convert layers to smart objects and how to use the blur and transform tools to prepare your backgrounds before applying them. Sections move through simply swapping one background color for another, to adding backgrounds with multiple colors, to the more difficult challenge of replacing one complex background with another, always maintaining the same horizon line, lighting, color levels and saturation so that your changes are virtually undetectable.

One of the great things about this Photoshop Tutorial is that you can use it to become as skilful as you like, from simply learning a new function, all the way up to professional level. Your work will become faster and easier, and you’ll be able to take advantage of loads of Photoshop functions.

What’s Included

14 Video Tutorials   |   18 Sample Images   |   1 Custom Brush

Class Instructor

Aaron Nace – PHLEARN Founder

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