Posing Classes

When it comes to photographing people who are not so comfortable in front of a camera, you need a few good techniques and tips to get started. In this series of courses on posing people for photographers, you have tons of opportunities to learn the art of how to make people feel comfortable and look great in the photos you take of them.

There’s a great variety of classes covering how to pose individuals for portraits as well as families and groups of people.

Premium Posing Courses

Taking an online posing class is a convenient and economical way to learn and improve your posing skills. PhotographyCourse has partnered with the top online photography instructors to offer you affordable courses.

Choosing from our selection of the best posing classes will help you make better choices when you have people to photograph. Most of the classes will teach you the basic rules for posing and techniques to make your subjects look their best. You will learn to work with men, women, children, seniors, couples, brides and grooms, groups, and more. Also, understanding body language, angles, and facial expressions will help produce significantly improved results.

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male model posing on the street.
The posing workshop teaches how to manage flattering poses for men, women, and groups. You will learn in-depth posing analysis and gain a deeper understanding of body language through eight videos on how to elicit emotions and candid moments for the most natural-looking photos.
A hands-on introduction to pose couples and groups. Professional instructor Lindsay Adler takes you through five live photography sessions and shows you how she works with people to bring out the best. Learn quick and easy methods for posing groups of two or more people.
There are so many ways and styles you can photograph women, and you can learn the best tips and tricks for how to get the most natural poses where women will feel most comfortable and confident. This class takes you through the process of how it’s done step by step.
Another one from our partners at CreativeLive that will help you gain confidence photographing people. You’ll pick up some fantastic practical posing tips that will help your subjects feel less awkward and have a lot of fun. Learn how a professional approaches the essential posing techniques so you can master the art of posing people for photographs.
In this posing class, you’ll be able to get an infinite range of looks from all the people you have to photograph. You will no longer be feeling stuck after learning the tips and tricks in this class. You don’t need to memorize hundreds of ideas or carry pockets full of posing cards. With the ten ideas presented in this class, you can create genuine emotion and self-expression.
Learning to effectively pose family portraits is very challenging for many beginner photographers. In this course, you’ll learn how to work with a family to show them off in your photos the best way you can with many great example images. You’ll learn how to use their bodies as puzzle pieces and how to position them together so they fit well and look comfortable.
Learning how posing cues for men differs from how you often want to pose a woman. Men can often be less comfortable about being photographed, and in this class, you’ll learn some great techniques that will bring out the best in the guys you get in front of your camera. You’ll pick up some great tips you can use to help put men at ease.
Award-winning portrait and wedding photographer Bernie Raffe shows the best ways he knows to pose for portraits. You’ll follow a series of live behind-the-scenes videos that will help to equip you with all the tried and tested techniques that he has been practicing for many decades, and he’ll show you how to get the best photos.
The instructor teaches and provides coaching on how to pose individuals, siblings, and headshots. Learn portrait photography techniques for both men and women and what to look for when taking more formal headshots of people. It is based on a series of live photography sessions presented by veteran photographer Bernie Raffe.
Learn how to create your best portraits ever with three live studio sessions showing off the essentials of posing. It covers how to communicate with the people you are photographing and all the portrait photography techniques for posing individuals and couples, including sitting and standing poses.
Learn how to photograph children who are not professional models and may not even be interested in having you photograph them. Every photographer who has tried to take pictures of kids knows how challenging it can be. You can learn the tried and true methods of instructor Tamara Lackey.
This class is designed to give you confidence when working with a bride and groom on their big day. You will learn Doug Gordon’s unique poising flow system. It will teach you how to seamlessly move from one pose to another to provide your wedding clients with a dream portfolio of images.