Portrait Photography Course

Learn portrait photography using reflectors, diffusers, and flash. Create powerful portraits using either natural or artificial light. Learn the core principals of composition and how to evoke emotion from your subject. Use depth of field to dramatically improve your portraits and make your photos look more professional.

Portrait photography is often considered an art form that involves capturing your subject or group’s facial expressions, personality, or mood using composition, lighting, and backgrounds. Some photographers see portraiture as an artistic representation of a subject’s attitude. Portraiture is by far the most common form of photography, and creating compelling portraits requires connecting with people.

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Practical Tips to Help You Improve Your Natural Light Portraits

I love making natural light portraits. It’s a genre of photography that used to scare me, but that I have come to enjoy more...

27 Creative Self-Portrait Photography Ideas & Tips

Self-portrait photographers are in charge of many things during their photoshoots. This includes lighting, camera settings, posing, and the list goes on. With so...

How to Take a Professional Headshot of Yourself

It's that dreaded time of your career where you need to update your headshot. You may be wondering how to take a professional headshot...

Beyond the Selfie: 19 Famous Self Portrait Photographers

We put together a list of the most famous self portrait photographers in history to help you better your work! These days the internet...

Rembrandt Lighting: What it is and Why You Should Use it

Rembrandt lighting is one of the most famous techniques for shooting portraits. Many photographers have mastered this type of lighting and in just a...

How to Use Props Effectively When Taking Portraits

Well used portrait props in photography can make your pictures come alive. Whether you’re taking photos of your partner, kids, friends, or anyone else,...

Premium Portrait Photography Classes

Online video photography classes are a convenient and economical way to learn and improve your photography skills. Photography Course has partnered with top online learning providers like Udemy, Craftsy, and CreativeLive to offer you affordable courses from international master professional photographers. Learn posing, body posture and angels, shooting portraits in natural light, working with window light, finding the best location and more top photography instructors.

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Family Portraits

Learn how to create portraits that illustrate family relationships and learn how to work with people of all ages (available on CreativeLive).

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Powerful Portraits

Stacy Pearsall teaches how to make solid first impressions with your subject through the use of body language (available on CreativeLive).

Portraits Under Pressure

Learn how to make your subject feel comfortable in only a few moments while capturing exquisite portrait images (available on CreativeLive).

Experimental Portraits

This course will stimulate your creative senses and show you how to produce magnificent conceptual fine art portraits (available on CreativeLive).

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How to Pose Family Portraits

In this course, you will gain fresh inspiration for your group portraits and completely change the way you photograph families of all sizes  (available on CreativeLive).

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Business Headshots & Portraits

This class will teach you basic lighting and posing techniques to create modern business portraits for yourself and others (available on CreativeLive).

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