Platypod Review – Is it the Best Compact Tripod?

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Pentacon on a Platypod tripod in a construction site

The search for a lightweight, portable, yet sturdy tripod is over! If you’re looking for an unconventional tripod alternative, you may want to consider getting the Platypod.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign has quickly become one of the most popular compact mini tripods in the market. You can choose from two sizes – the Ultra and the Max.

The tripod’s flat design makes it very easy to carry around without fear of overpacking. We love how low we can get with this tripod. It’s a dream for low angles and tight spots. Not to mention it’s super sturdy; the Platypod is made of Aircraft-grade aluminum 6061-T6, an alloy that is very strong and light weight. 

Key Features:

  • Flat design 
  • Low-profile camera support
  • Super hefty (Aircraft grade aluminum 6061-T6)
  • Sturdy

Let’s take a deeper look at this innovative low-profile tripod:

Platypod Ultra

The Platypod Ultra is the perfect travel-size tripod and will support your DSLRs and smaller cameras. It can handle your lenses up to 2 lbs, or 900 grams, and the load capacity is up to 100 lb. You’ll want to stick with the Ultra if you usually carry mirrorless or mid-sized cameras.

platypod ultra review

The Ultra has a 3/8″-16 male stud that will fit into any tripod head. It also features four hefty spiked feet so you can place the Platypod on any type of terrain.

platypod review

Get Platypod Ultra

The best thing about the Platypod Ultra is that it’s super portable. You don’t have to think twice about carrying this tripod since it’s a flat tripod and takes up very little space in your camera bag.

In many cases, the Platypod is all you need for more stability so you don’t have to carry around a heavy, full-sized tripod during your photo walks.

Platypod Max

Bringing out your heavier lenses? The Platypod Max is suitable for those with mid-to-large cameras and need extra support for front-heavy modifiers, long lenses, and external studio lights.

platypod max review

The Max can hold up to a whopping 300 lb of equipment, and measures 11 oz, 5.25″ x 7.75″, and 5 mm thick. You can set up your camera and lens on both the horizontal and vertical sides of the tripod. Just like the Ultra, the Max has 3/8″-16 mounts for any tripod head.

max features

Get Platypod Max

We cannot get enough of the Platypod Max’s amazing quality. This rock-solid tripod comes in really handy for every type of shoot, but we especially love using it for macro photography. It will easily support your bigger DSLRs and a lens like 70-300mm with no problem.

Platypod Multi Accessory Set

The Platypod Multi-Accessory Kit is compatible with every Platypod tripod, including the Pro, Max, and Ultra. We find that this accessory kit is quite useful for everyday work.

Platypod Multi Accessory Set

The Spigot Adapter comes in handy when you need to rig up your lights or flash on the spot. The Non-slip Pad does wonders for added stability and security, preventing any kind of slipping or scratching on surfaces. The ½” tall Riser also helps with height and attaching other cameras and devices onto the platform.

As for the Tension Strap, this handy dandy accessory has been surprisingly helpful for every shoot; the Platypod can be mounted on any freestanding objects and holds up to 100 lb! This makes shooting a lot more fun knowing you can mount your camera anywhere securely.

This new addition to the Platypod line is a great kit for on-the-go professional photographers.

Get Platypod Multi Accessory Set

Inside the Multi-Accessory Kit:

  • 1.5” anodized aluminum 0.5” riser – ⅜” – ¼” female socket – male bolt
  • 36” long wide tension strap
  • Drawstring Pouch
  • Spigot Adapter
  • Silicone Pad

Platypod’s versatility and portability make it one of the most attractive tripods in the current market. If you are looking to downsize your gear and live a more minimalist lifestyle, Platypod is the obvious choice.

You simply cannot find more valuable camera support considering the cost and overall quality. The Platypod is one of the very few accessories that you can always carry in your camera bag wherever you go!

platypod tripod features rating

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