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This Photoshop Tools tutorial is aimed at familiarizing new users of Photoshop with tool behaviors. With enough time invested you can make virtually any image you can imagine using Photoshop’s tools. Because of the unlimited possibilities, this page will act as a brief introduction to Photoshop’s tools but check out our page on photoshop editing tips. You will find that using the tools is not entirely intuitive. The reason I say this is because you would assume if you go to click on an element using the move tool, it will move as you click the object. You would assume that if you go use the paintbrush on something it will add. It would be natural to use the tool on an object that looks like is right under your mouse but in Photoshop an understanding of layers is necessary.

Working with Tools, Layers, and Selection

In order to use your tool on something, the layer must be selected. You may only work on one layer at a time.  e.g.- If you try to select multiple layers to erase a section it won’t work. You must edit layers individually. The section that you are trying to edit must also be selected. By default, the whole layer is selected, but by using various selection tools you can choose to just edit parts of layers.

Photoshop Tools

Photoshop CS6: Working with Marquee Tools

Selections and the Selection Tools


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