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Photoshop Levels Tutorial

Photoshop Levels

One of the best uses for Photoshop is correcting what your camera did wrong or what whoever taking the pictures did wrong. Our courses on exposure control are a good place to start to get better exposure from your camera. For more helpful tips, head over to our guide with more Photoshop tutorials.

Photoshop Levels Tutorial Peacock

How to use Photoshop Levels

The Levels Tool in Photoshop

The Levels tool in Photoshop can be brought up by going to Image>Adjustment>Levels or by simply using the shortcut of comand+L on a mac or control+L on a PC. The Levels tool shows a histogram and three triangles that can be slid under the histogram. Read up on histograms for a better understanding of what the levels tool does.

Photoshop Tutorial: Levels, Levels, Levels!

Get the Right Exposure

To get the right exposure on an image you have to slide the left triangle to the beginning of the histogram and move the right triangle to the end of the histogram. Often these are the only corrections that need to be made to get you a good exposure. The middle triangle can give you that final touch you need for a great looking image that will stick out on a page.

Photoshop Levels Tutorial - dark

Photoshop Levels Tutorial - bright


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