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Effects in Adobe Photoshop

There is really no limit to the effects that can be done in Photoshop. The newest version of Photoshop even allows you to put your photographs into motion using the animation timeline.

Photoshop Effects can make an ordinary picture look extraordinary.  For example, take this photograph. The placement is interesting, along with the lines placed behind them, but it’s still boring. We can add a new layer after opening the photograph and then start adding some effects in Photoshop.

Comic Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop Effects Comic Effect

This is a good effect to show the power of Photoshop. In order to create a good effect, it takes work. It’s very rare that you can make a good effect just using Photoshop’s default effects. To create the Comic Effect, we’ll combine various adjustments and effects in Photoshop in order to get the final product we want. Don’t expect the software to do all the work for you, in the end you’re the artist.


Comic Effect Recipe

Channel Mixer Effect

Adjust the channel mixer input levels to make the lines and colors more bold. You do this by taking off both ends of the histogram You can see this makes the image much more harsh than the original.

Using Channel Mixer for Color Grading in Photoshop

Film Grain Effect

The film grain effect can be added by simply going to Filters > Artistic > Film Grain. Adjust the settings so that the grain is fairly large and obvious. With effects you want to be vary subtle or push it all the way. Don’t go only halfway.

Grainy Film Effect in Photoshop

Duplicate Layer

Duplicating a layer is easy. Just select which layer you want to duplicate on the layers palate and then push command and J together. Duplicating layers is convenient for saving your place or for merging changes with the original to your liking using various blending methods and opacity. You can also duplicate a layer and move it all at once by holding down the option button while clicking and moving the layer you want to duplicate.

How to Duplicate Layers | Photoshop Tutorial

Add Color Halftones to top Layer

Halftones give the old style newspaper effect. On most images they are pretty strong when you first apply them. You can find them in the menus at: Color >Pixelate > Color Halftones. Turn the radius down to the lowest setting of 4 for web images. You can go larger for bigger images. I’ve found that this whole recipe for comic photographs works much better when you do have a bigger image, not like this one prepared for web.

Photoshop Tutorial Color Halftone Effect in Photoshop

Blend Images with Darken Method

Change the order of the layers and try using the “Darken” method of blending the layers. If it looks too strong you can Adjust the Opacity accordingly by selecting the top layer and moving the opacity slide bar until the photograph looks right to you.

The Magic of Lighten and Darken Blending Modes in Photoshop



  1. my sister had her wedding pictures done and when the lady gave them to her they were blurry , is there a way i can take fix them??

  2. I’m a photographer but I have noticed that alot of others photographers have very vivid color and blurred backgrounds and I love that and I love it when the color is different and I have tried to mess with the contrast and color and levels and I just cant get those colors I want do you have any help her and I was wanting to take lessons but didn’t know where to ..maybe you give me some help thanks

  3. Yeah Leah, the lesson on removing wrinkles is a good place to start. Within that lesson are links to a couple other lessons on tools to get you going! With senor portraits you may not be removing many “wrinkles” but the same principles apply for blemishes or other imperfections.

  4. so hey i am a beginner at photography but am quite good for my experiance im just wondering how to do all the editing . because some of my friends want me to do their senior pictures and i need to know how to make them look even better.


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