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Photography – A Cure for a Coma???

Twice, in my lifetime, I have participated in bringing people out of a coma. I know that sounds impossible, possibly wishful thinking. I will present the facts and let you decide. A friend of mind had a motorcycle accident in which he was thrust over a VW at 60 mph, helmet popped of his head and he landed – flipping over – on the back of his head, his shoulders and then his lower back.

I went to visit him in Intensive Care where I was advised he was paralyzed and in a coma. “Just talk to him,” I was told, “He probably is aware of you and might hear your words.” He was positioned looking up at a bare concrete ceiling and the rest of the room was equally harsh. I talked to him for a while and didn’t even get a blink of an eye for a response. As I left the hospital I remember how much he loved music. When he entered his apartment he would immediately fire up his tape deck and the first song was always Neil Diamond’s “Stones”.

The next day I brought a boombox and the Neil Diamond tape to the hospital and brought it into his room I started the tape and his eyes lit up. When Diamond started singing the first words so did my friend!!!! Although his singing is terrible HE DID SING… the nurses came in and cried and called for the doctors who rushed us out of the room. Later we were told he had come out of the coma completely.

A few years later I was visiting a friend in W. Virginia. He ran a news bureau there and noticed a story about a 10 year old boy who, while riding with his dad in a pickup, was side-swiped by another vehicle. The boy was in Critical Care with a coma according the article and they also mentioned he was a fan of football, especially the Minnesota Vikings. My friend asked me if I had brought along a copy of a Viking’s football book I had published. It contained tons of pictures of the players. I said I had one in my car. We immediately went to the hospital and headed to the Critical Care unit. The supervisory nurse told us we couldn’t visit the boy but she would gladly bring the book to him.

A few minutes later she came out, with tears in her eyes. “He is out of the coma.” she said. She told us she brought the book into the room and opened it up to show him some of the pictures. When she flipped the page to a photo of Jim Marshall (a highly respected defensive lineman) she said “And here is number 70, and his name is….”Jim Marshall” said the boy, now wide awake and excited to see the photo. He recovered quite rapidly after that.

My layman’s opinion is that if presented with something that they really like a lot, the patient – who usually is aware of surroundings and noise – will be motivated, or excited enough, to wake up. I have witnessed it. It worked. I swear to the facts I have given you.



The Sun

March 13, 2003
BYLINE: Mike Darvill

She opens eyes and talks at rock concert

A GIRL awoke from a seven-year coma -when she was taken to see Bryan Adams in concert. Christiane Kittel, 24, opened her eyes and started calling her mother’s name as the rocker belted out his hits. Stunned mum Adelheid said: “She was totally fascinated by the music and the singer.

“It was an evening I will never forget. I could have hugged the whole world.”

Christiane, a huge Adams fan, had been in a coma since suffering a blood clot on the lung just before her 17th birthday. Adelheid said: “When I heard Bryan Adams was playing near us I knew I had to take her. I decided she had to hear him.

Christiane was taken to the gig in Regensburg, Germany, in a special wheelchair. Her doctor Gerhard Weber said: “This shows perfectly that despite terrible injuries there is always hope.”

Consultant neurosurgeon John Firth said Christiane’s brain had probably been slowly repairing itself during her years in a coma.


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