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PhotographyCourse.net partnered with some of the top photography learning platforms to bring you an extensive selection of premium photography classes from UdemySkillshareCreativeLiveCraftsyCoursera, and KelbyOne. Most learning platforms offer apps on the App Store and Google Play. You can watch most classes on nearly any device. There are some live classes that enable students to interact directly with the instructor. Photography Classes on Udemy are self-produced by the instructor and range from 1 to 7 hours. Course production values vary, but overall the photography classes on Udemy are well worth the money. Classes on CreativeLive, Craftsy, Coursera, KelbyOne, and Shaw Academy are professionally produced.

Udemy Photography Classes
Photography Classes available on Udemy are the best value for the money primarily because they are created by the actual instructors. Udemy offers the largest selection of photography classes geared towards beginners to intermediate photographers.  Udemy has something for everyone, from beginner photography to advanced Photoshop, read more.
skillshare photography classes online
Skillshare has the largest selection of photography classes of any platform we have seen so far. There are over 1,000 photography related classes alone on topics such as Digital Photography, Photo Editing, Portrait Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Photo Retouching, and more. View Classes
KelbyOne Photography Classes
KelbyOne is best in class for photography and photo editing courses. We like to think of KelbyOne as the Ivy League of photography educators. When you take a class from KelbyOne, it’s like going to Harvard, Yale, Brown, or Stanford. Their classes are top-notch and geared towards serious amateur to advanced photographers. KelbyOne is a membership service and you cannot buy individual classes. But if you’re serious about learning photography, KelbyOne is the best. View Classes
CreativeLive Photography Classes
CreativeLive is a major player in the online photography training and learning. Their photography classes are sold individually and they are the only online training site to offer free live photography workshops. View Classes
Craftsy Photography Classes
Craftsy started off as an online training platform offering interactive arts and crafts video tutorials. Recently they began offering photography classes. Craftsy has a nice selection of beginner to intermediate level photography classes with lifetime access to video classes. Download the Craftsy app so you can download photography classes while you’re online, then watch them later (even if you don’t have internet service). View Classes
Shaw Academy Photography Classes
Shaw Academy is an online education organization based in Dublin, Ireland. They are internationally Accredited with the European Qualification Framework and the Scottish Credit and Qualification framework. Shaw Academy offers a 16 week 4 module program resulting in a Diploma in Photography. View Classes
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