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Photographic Equipment

Camera Gear

Let’s take a look at a basic package of photographic equipment required for a typical news or on-location assignment. Starting from upper left:

Photographic Equipment List

  1. A Black Sharpie Marker (for labeling film,etc) with some plumber’s tape wrapped around it.
  2. Two rapid chargers.
  3. A pack of rechargeable batteries.
  4. Pencil flashlight
  5. Extension Bellows w/copier
  6. Pocket point&shoot camera
  7. White bounce reflector card
  8. Vivitar 283 strobe with extension cord
  9. Gerber all-purpose tool
  10. 50mm Nikkor macro lens
  11. Nikkor 2x tele-extender
  12. Vivitar 283 w/remote sensor
  13. Camera bag with filters, film, batteries, cords,
    clamps, close-up lens, Universal filter holder, pen and pencils, etc. Also
    a monopod camera support and telephone change.
  14. Motorized Nikon FA with a 70-300 zoom lense with
    macro capability.
  15. Nikkormat with 18mm Super Wide
  16. Motorized Nikon 2002 with a Sigma AF 28-200mm zoom.
  17. Strobe unit with a camera bracket and extension cord.
Photography Equipment

Optional Gear

  1. Polaroid camera for testing and giving out pics to folks who have helped.
  2. Pack of photo releases.
  3. Travel alarm.
  4. Good laptop with image editing software and Internet capabilities.
  5. Binoculars
  6. Tape measure.
  7. 7- 180mm f2.8…. “old standby” telephoto.
  8. Cell phone.


All the cameras, motors, strobes, etc. use “AA” rechargeable batteries. Film ranges from 100 ASA to 800 color negative, plus a few rolls of slide film and B&W (100 – 3200).

Filters– Various color filters, a 20Magenta (for correcting flourescent lighting), special effects, and a UV filter for each lens (no lens caps are used).

This should be sufficient for a day’s worth of shooting and allow you to handle most every type of situation.

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  1. Yes, you would need to bring your camera whether it be digital or film, along with extra ammunition. It’s probably about time that we update this page to reflect what photographers really take with them now days. Like you said a lot is useful, but parts of the list are out dated. There are really so many options out there it’s hard to make a list.

  2. Thanks for finding those bugs. Glad you like the Free Photography Courses. You may be interested in our new Through The Viewfinder series. Where we’re adding new digitial photography courses.

  3. Hi, I don’t know if its just me, or the way I’m seeing the picture, but I don’t think that your numbers match up with the items list in the first photo. There also seem to be missing “list” numbers for items – like #18. I do find alot of the material is dated & would REALLY like to see it updated to today’s technology, however it is still interesting and informative. The fact that you’ve gone through all the effort to post this online for FREE is commendable. Thank you so much 🙂


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