How to Make Amazing Portrait Enhancements with PhotoDiva Free Portrait Editor

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make amazing portrait photo enhancements with photodiva editor

For beginners, editing photos can be difficult; it’s tougher if the photo editor they use is complicated or if it requires a lot of practice to get used to.

If you want something that’s easy to use from the very start, you can try out PhotoDiva. It’s a free portrait editor that allows just about anyone to enhance their portraits, even if they aren’t skilled designers.

The layout and navigation of PhotoDiva are designed to give the user complete control of the creative process while also letting them get familiar with the whole interface of the software within a short while.

Making Quick Portrait Enhancements with PhotoDiva

When you open this portrait photo editor, it invites you to select a photo of your choice. The subtle point here is that you aren’t left to wander around the software at the beginning; you are immediately helped to the next step by the bold, welcoming text that tells you what to do.

You may begin by clicking the purple ‘open a photo’ button; this takes you to the picture files on your computer, where you can select a photo you would like to edit. After opening a photo, you can commence editing by working with the tools listed at the top right of the software window. Here’s a list of the tools and how they work.

1. Use the Effective Retouch Function to Enhance Your Photo

The retouch function allows the user to enhance the look of the skin in the portrait they are editing. With it, they can remove redness in the eyes of the subject, whiten their teeth, adjust skin tone, and eliminate glare.

If you want more detail in the application of these changes, you can use the custom settings to make the changes manually. It lets you smoothen the portrait subject’s skin, sharpen their gaze, and remove wrinkles by adjusting the sliders for these effects.

To check for the difference between the original and what you have edited, click the ‘compare’ button at the top left of the window.

2. Make Easy and Quick Face Changes with The Sculpt Tool

This software also lets you adjust face shape using its ‘sculpt’ tool. For instance, you can make eyes smaller by moving the slide for this to the left or thicken the eyebrows by shifting the relevant slide to the right. By applying a number of these sculpting moves, you can significantly alter the form of the face you are working on while still maintaining a natural look.

3. Explore A Variety of Digital Makeup Tools

PhotoDiva’s digital makeup includes a lipstick effect, with the option of several shades for the lips; blusher tones for the cheek; a bronzer effect that makes the cheekbones more prominent; and eye shadows of various kinds.

4. Discover more Portrait Editing Features in Common Settings

While it tries to enhance the beauty of portraits with its advanced tools, PhotoDiva also takes care of the more familiar, basic photo settings. Color saturation, contrasts, and exposure can be adjusted by shifting the slide of these settings to the left or right. You can change the saturation of each color separately to tweak the shade of the portrait as a whole. A vignetting function allows you to lighten or darken the edges of the image.

5. Choose From over 100 Different Photo Effects

PhotoDiva has 100+ photo filter effects that you can choose from if you want a finish that’s more than just plain or regular. Select a 70s photo effect to give your shot a decades-old feel, or settle for a deep-shaded presentation if you want it to look sleeker.

What Makes PhotoDiva an Excellent Portrait Editor?

Here are a number of reasons why PhotoDiva is a portrait software worth considering for your photo editing projects.

1. It’s Free to Use

If you are new to the world of photo editing, you may want to choose a free portrait editing software that lets you learn quickly and achieve things fast over something that’s complex and costs money. This is what PhotoDiva offers.

2. Allows for Automatic Photo Editing

PhotoDiva’s auto-retouch presets make it possible to change portraits’ skin tone, teeth color, and general facial expression just by clicking on a representation of the change in question. You can also edit features by merely dragging the relevant slides.

3. Makes Advanced Adjustments Easy to Accomplish

One example of this is the ease with which you can remove an object you don’t want. You may remove acne from a subject’s face with sliders or erase piercings by copying and pasting onto the pierced spots under the cloned stamp tab.

4. Changes Backgrounds with Little Effort

You can eliminate entire backgrounds by cutting and pasting the subject into a new photo setting. But if you decide to blur the background, you may do this in a few steps.

First, click on the blur background section under the effects tab. Then draw a circle over the subject area with the cursor and switch the processing mode to ‘outside’. Next, move to the ‘sharpness’ tab, and adjust the blur intensity by shifting its slider to the right. The background outside of the circled area will blur.

5. Creates More Expressive Faces

By modifying highlights and shadows in the add dimension section, you can bring the facial expressions in your portrait to the fore or make them more obvious.

Final Words

PhotoDiva has features that anyone would want in a photo editor: it’s easy to navigate, doesn’t take a lot of time to learn, and can be used by a complete beginner. It’s also a free portrait photo editor; you don’t have to pay for any of its advanced tools. The fact that it is free and packs a lot of features makes it the ideal portrait editing software for your photo editing needs.


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