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Online Photography Courses for Beginners

We’re all photographers these days, sharing images on social media or blogs, instantly emailing snapshots to friends. But many of us have only the vaguest idea of how to get good pictures. These five online photography courses for beginners will take you a long way towards making compelling, frame-worthy images.

1. iPhone Photography: Take Professional Photos On Your iPhone – Dale McManus

Take Professional Photos On Your iPhone by Dale McManus

Although this ninety-minute course is focused on the iPhone, there’s a lot here for photographers who use Android smartphones or digital cameras. Early lessons give an excellent guide to the functions of your camera app so have your phone on hand while you’re watching. And you’ll want to download the Lightroom app so you can follow the lessons devoted to editing. The course finishes with an awesome review in which McManus walks you through the entire process from taking the photo to enhancing it.

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2. The Ultimate Photography Course For Beginners – Jellis Vaes

The Ultimate Photography Course For Beginners - Jellis Vaes

Vaes is a passionate photographer who sprinkles his technical lessons with meditations on the art of photography. It’s a comprehensive two hours, so full of information you’ll want to download the transcript and charts he provides for future reference. He concludes with a useful lesson in organizing your work and a brief introduction to photo editing apps like Lightroom. 

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3. Photography Fundamentals Taught by a Photography Pro – Chris Parker

Photography Fundamentals Taught by a Photography Pro by Chris Parker

Parker is a pro with a rare talent for simplifying the technicalities. Not a comprehensive course, but an introduction to the basics, it’s an hour of super clear lessons devoted to light and exposure and an explanation of composition that really breaks it down. A plus is a closed Facebook page that lets you share work and get feedback. If you want to go further, Parker also offers an in-depth seven hour follow up. 

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4. Fundamentals of Photography – John Greengo

Fundamentals of Photography by John Greengo

Greengo is a professional photographer with more than three decades of experience, offering lessons based on his personal philosophy, using examples from his own work. Filmed during a series of live talks, it’ s a lengthy, comprehensive course covering all levels of digital photography, geared to both beginning photographers and more advanced shooters. Entire sections are devoted to types of cameras and setting them up, the sensor, lenses, exposure, focus, gadgets and accessories, composition, and editing.

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5. The Beginner Photographer’s Crash Course – Khara Plicanic

Beginner Photographer’s Crash Course by Khara Plicanic

This is a great starter course in photography no matter what camera (or smartphone) you use. In more than four hours of lessons, Plicanic covers the basics from exposure to shooting modes and focus points, and concludes with a guide to downloading, backing- up and sharing images. She has a gift for keeping it simple, and takes the mystery out of camera technology with clear illustrations and charts. Filmed during a live class with questions from the audience and a good dose of humor. 

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