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Nikon D5000 vs Canon T2i

Nikon D5000 or Canon EOS Rebel T2i?

The first things that stick out to me is the Canon T2i’s ability to record 1080p HD Video along with it’s 18MP sensor. I know we talk about how people can get too caught up in the megapixels of a camera, but 18 on a camera under $1,000… that’s just awesome.

canon t2i


The Nikon D5000 can still provide for more than just your needs as it too provides HD Video clips, but just in the 720p variety with a 12.3 megapixel sensor.

Nikon does have a fold down LCD screen if that means anything to anyone. I could see how it would be a useful tool, but I don’t think that’s going to be what makes me bite on the Nikon. The fact that it’s about $200 less may be what makes me bite.

HD Video on a Digital SLR

It’s a fairly new feature to be able to record HD Video on your Digital SLR and I’m sure within the next year the standard will be 1080p, but you won’t even notice it’s 1080p unless you’re viewing it on a HD monitor that’s over 32″ in size.  So, although the awesome factor makes me lean into the high specifications of the Canon T2i on paper, the lower cost for a camera that still provides outstanding results makes me lean towards the Nikon D5000.


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  2. Hello there, i need a help here, im between the canon 550D T2i and the new Nikon D7000


    Canon T2i with Canon 15-85mm 3.5/5.6 Usm, (720 dl lens) the price like a prime but reviews says its a superb sharp lens…
    $1529.00 combo (on ebay)

    Nikon D7000 with 18-105 they say it perform very good but not that good as the 15-85mm
    $1499.00 (on amazon)

    (not comparable lens but that’s the opcions for the money i have)

    im in to photography but also i use a lot video, im see canon perform better in that area, but i like the new features of the Nikon and the quality of photos… :/ helpp!!

  3. I’m looking to take pictures of products that I sell on my website, what would be the best camera for that? Do I need any special lens or equipment?

  4. So Canon vs Nikon? Seems like a Holy War to me. Is cost really the only difference? I’ve heard Nikon has better lenses? Should I be worried more about the lenses or the speed of the CCD?

  5. I’ve heard the Canon t2i is better for taking low light photographs and has the quickest autofocus, but you still have the pricetag for $200+.


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