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13 Best Night Photography Classes

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Learn the art of taking photos at night with these workshops and courses.

Mastering your night photography skills can open you up to a whole new world of photography options. But knowing where to go to learn night photography can be confusing. So, we have done the research and put together a list of the 13 best night photography classes for you to elevate your skills.

Whether you are a portrait, event, or landscape photographer, improving your night photography skills is bound to help you improve your photographs. Learn how to paint with light, take sharp portraits or even try your hand at capturing star trails with these night photography classes.

All of the listed classes are online, which means you can learn whenever and wherever you like.

Learn how to take beautiful night portraits with lights.

1. Night Photography Bundle – CreativeLive

Master your camera and capture the milky way in this course designed to help you excel in night photography. This course includes six complete video classes designed to be studied over one week.

With five expert instructors teaching all aspects of night photographs, it’s certainly not very often you get the chance to learn from such an experienced team of professionals. They cover fundamentals, toolkit, astrophotography, light painting, and portraits at night. These courses are a great way to get a good overall understanding of shooting after dark.

Light painting at night with steel wool fireworks.

2. Night Photography Course – Digital Photography School

Run by specialist night photographer Jim Hamel, this course covers everything from the equipment, focus, exposure, and composition. Right through to tricks, effects, and post-processing your night photography.

In addition, there’s a bonus class on photographing fireworks. With eight core lessons covering everything you need to know.

Astro landscape photography at night for stunning star images.

3. Night Photography with Lance Keimig – Craftsy

Lance Keimig, a night photographer for over 30 years, spills his secrets in this 2.5-hour online course.

With seven on-demand sessions that you can access at your own pace, Lance shows you how to master your camera settings, get artistic with light painting and nail techniques for interesting astrophotography. You will also learn tips on the best camera gear and post-processing for ultimate results.

learn how to take great street photographs at night with these workshops.

4. Shooting Street Scenes After Sunset – SkillShare

For something a little different from shooting night sky photography, this brilliant course helps students develop skills in shooting the streets at night.

Taught by industry leader and professional photographer Sean Dalton. This class will help you elevate your night photography skills to capture wow-worthy street images. With 9 video lessons discussing everything from camera gear to photo editing, you’ll want to watch these videos repeatedly.

photograph the night sky with online classes and workshops.

5. Nightscapes: Landscape Astrophotography – SkillShare

Take your landscapes to the next level with this class. Astrophotography is undoubtedly a popular subject among photographers at the moment, and when you see the fantastic images they produce, it’s not hard to see why.

These video courses will teach students skills in photographing the milky way and light trails in stunning landscapes. Above all, professional photographer Ian Norman provides practical examples and solutions for improving your astro-landscape pictures. All in 9 short lessons.

Take beautiful night photos of the stars and sky.

6. The Night Skye Classes & Workshops

If you are looking to delve into night photography and improve your skills all around, The Night Skye has a wide range of workshops and night photography classes to suit any kind of photography.

Lance Kemig returns with his own set of dedicated classes to help students get the most out of the nighttime photoshoot. In his wide range of video classes, students can learn the art of astrophotography, light painting, full moon landscape photography, digital workflow techniques, and much more. Unlike most other instructors, Lance also offers special one-on-one custom training sessions.

using slow shutter speed and caption motion blur.

7. You Can Shoot Stunning Night Photos – Udemy

Always wondered about bulb mode and what it is? Now is the time to find out! Learn how to photograph stars with beautiful light trails and much more in this class designed to help students reach their photography potential.

You can watch 2.5 hours of on-demand videos at your own pace, along with loads of articles and resources to learn the best tips. These courses are bound to set you in the right direction.

Cityscape night time composite photographs. Learn how to take and post process night photos.

8. Capturing and Processing Night Photography – CreativeLive

This class takes students all the way from shoot to edit. For instance, it goes from pre-production, scouting locations, taking test shots, all the way to techniques for turning your RAW format images into stunning works of art. Above all, this course is perfect for students who have recently started taking photos at night, especially those looking to further improve their technical skills.

With 20 night photography classes by instructor and photographer Tim Cooper, this is a great deep dive into taking breathtaking photos at night. You will also learn how to edit them for that extra bit of “wow” factor.

night time portrait photograph.

9. Night Photography Unlocked – Udemy

If you have been struggling with exposure or understanding how to use a remote shutter release, this class is for you!

This night photography class with 4 hours of on-demand video provides an excellent introduction to night photography. Above all, the classes are designed to help beginners get out of auto mode and stop taking blurry or poorly exposed shots. It also comes with 22 downloadable resources to help you get the most out of your camera at night.

After dark street city photograph .

10. Night Photography Critique – CreativeLive

Part of improving your photography is knowing how to assess your image critically and figuring out how to improve. These courses are here to help you do exactly that.

Students will learn essential techniques in critiquing their night photography photos, all from a team of photography professionals. With only one class that can be taken anywhere in the world, it is great value for money to give your night images that little boost.

Photograph the milky way and star trails in landscapes.

11. Night Sky Photography: Milky Way and Star Trails – Udemy

This class will teach you what shutter speed to use to capture that stunning milky way image you’ve always wanted to get. And so much more.

In this hands-on guide, students will learn how to set up the perfect shot and capture star trails that will leave your friends in awe of your photo skills. There is even a great introduction to timelapse’s, which is great if you’re willing to expand your horizons beyond still photos.

With over four hours of video and 50 downloadable resources by photographer Sandy Dee, you will be set for all the night skies to come!

milky way and star photography for beginners.

12. MasterClass: Capture Stunning Night Photos – Udemy

Learn how to shoot the moon and stars with exceptional brilliance in this total masterclass.

This complete workshop will help students learn the basics of low light aperture, shutter speed & ISO. As well as composition, time-lapse and milky way photography. And will discuss preplanning, gear, and editing.

If you are new to night photography and are looking for a complete and well-rounded understanding. This course with 4.5 hours of on-demand video is for you.

Black and white image of city lights in the dark.

13. Photography Foundations: Night and Low Light – LinkedIn Learning

No matter the subject of your photo, there is a class to help you capture it! Learn the art of exposure and so much more about photographing at night.

Photographer Ben Long takes students through all the necessary fundamentals of shooting at night and in low light. With 8 night photography classes, totaling four hours of watch any time video. This class covers you for all low light situations, including events, city photography, and landscapes. It also touches on special effects and post-processing to give your photos a bit of extra oomph.

capture light in images of the city at night.

Conclusion: There’s no need to be afraid of the dark with these courses!

Taking pictures at night can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you don’t have a solid foundation of skills. Thankfully, many workshops and online classes are designed to help your skills shine as bright as the stars you’re trying to capture.

No matter where you are in the world, there are opportunities for you to learn with these online courses, whether you want to work on your long exposures or photograph street scenes.

Above all, we hope that each of these courses will be a learning experience for you to treasure. We can’t wait to see the breathtaking images you produce.

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Ainsley DS is a photographer and writer based in between Auckland, NZ and Paris France. She specializes in travel, portrait and documentary photography and has a passion for all creative pursuits. With an addiction to travel, she has lived on three continents and photographed over 40 countries along the way. You can purchase travel prints directly from her website or follow along on the journey!
Ainsley DS is a photographer and writer based in between Auckland, NZ and Paris France. She specializes in travel, portrait and documentary photography and has a passion for all creative pursuits. With an addiction to travel, she has lived on three continents and photographed over 40 countries along the way. You can purchase travel prints directly from her website or follow along on the journey!

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