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Maternity Photography Tips

Helpful Maternity Photography Tips

You will have to take my word for it when I say I was not the cute, tiny, pregnant person that I always dreamed I would be. In fact, I was quite the opposite. I had an affinity for vegetables, that is, the battered and deep fried vegetables. My neighbours constantly egged on my incessant need for chocolate pie, only in hopes to eat the leftovers, if there were any. As a result, when the time to do maternity photos came, I took one look in the mirror, and decided I looked much too similar to my beloved Papa, and his ample beer belly, and I backed out.

Maternity Photo Tips

Six years later I don’t really know or accurately recall what I looked like when I was pregnant. All I have to prove that I did in fact procreate, aside from the child herself, are my tent-sized sweat pants, with the super-stretch waistband. While this is not the case for every woman, there are surely many of us who are moody, irrational, gigantic and otherwise unapproachable. Here are a few maternity photography tips to capture both the craziness of pregnancy and the miracle it is to create another human being.

Maternity PhotographsMaternity Photos

  • Encourage the mother to do what makes her feel beautiful. Whether she has her hair or makeup done, or buys a new outfit, women in general, especially pregnant women, will feel more comfortable and confident with a little extra sparkle on the day of the photos.
  • Be strategic and aware of flattering and unflattering positions that accentuate certain body features. Avoid angles that define areas women may be sensitive about. When I was pregnant, my face was particularly pudgy. I looked as if I had been stuffed inside a fat suit, and it bothered me; I didn’t want to look that way.  As a suggestion, if I were to pick a pose for myself at a maternity session, I would try to shoot down on myself, and have myself look up towards the camera. I would be aware of the camera angle, if I was shooting straight on, and have myself look down gracefully to admire my bulging belly.
  • Be encouraging. Talk to your client, and let her when she looks particularly beautiful. Show her the photo, if you have a great one, and help her to know she is gorgeous. The more confident you help her feel, the more the confidence will come through the lens, and the more she will love her photos.
  • Shoot small details. Get in tight on the belly. Shoot the adorable little baby items that have been lovingly arranged in the nursery. Pay attention to the things that your client has paid attention to. These seemingly little things are so precious and so nice to have memories of.

So, there you have it, I hope this helps. I try to treat a maternity shoot with all the empathy I possibly can and help the momma to be feel, even for a short while, like she is absolutely stunning. Good luck and happy shooting!

Pregnant Mother

Photographer Ana Brandt Demonstrates How to Take Gorgeous Maternity Portraits


  1. Great tips. I also tell my clients that they have to be comfortable and feel beautiful during the shoot. I encourage them to let out that “maternity glow”.

  2. Thanks for the great tips! My cousin is having her first baby & is due in December. She lives in another state & is going to be home for her baby shower! I can’t wait to take her maternity photos….

    Thanks again!

  3. Thank you for the tips.I am trying to improve my photo skills as much as I can.

    Aram Arakelyan
    Your LA Broker for Life!


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