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Internet Marketing

Talented photographers have never had so much access to so many cheap and easy, yet effective ways to market themselves. Photographers are missing out on a great opportunity if they are not taking advantage of their internet marketing options. In this day and age it’s not hard to get your name out there, it just takes some work. Marketing yourself as a Photographer can be easy when your efforts are focused efficiently.

Internet-Marketing for Photographers social media This article will provide you with tips to:

Local Marketing for Photographers

When people search on Google for a Wedding Photographer a list comes up of local results. You can easily be added to the list of results by visiting google.com/localbusinesscenter. All that you need is an address and a telephone. It also helps to have a website. You will be walked through the steps to Market yourself locally on Google by visiting the local business center link.

Internet Marketing for Photographers local marketing

Online Marketing for Photographers

Online MarketingOnline exposure is key as traditional directories are becoming a thing of the past. Getting a blog or website is key. It’s easy and free to get a blog from blogger.com or wordpress.org. Getting a website with a custom domain such as “yourname.com” can cost as little as $40 a year if you have the know how to make a website or you can hire web professionals to do the work for you.

Social Media Marketing for Photographers

Having friends is the last key to getting yourself out there. Facebook and Twitter are free services that allow you to be seen and share your work with others. They also provide “juicy” links back to your website. The marketing schemes that can be formed on social networking sites are limited only to your imagination.

Internet Marketing for Photographers social media marketing


With the great success of Social marketing, new sites are popping up everyday and you have little to lose by adding a profile to them. It’s smart to get profiles first on more trusted sites such as a Google Profile or Digg account, YouTube account etc.

Photo Sharing

Flickr is a great place to store lots of your best photographs. It’s a place where people can stumble upon your work and then contact you. It’s important not to share your photographs over 800 pixels in width as your photographs can be printed, reducing the incentive for your clients to purchase the rights to your photographs in digital or printed form and making it easier for fans of nature or landscape photographers to steal work.


  1. @Proud With adwords you need to be careful though. Many people don’t spend enough time researching keywords, and optimizing ads. So they end up wasting a lot of money. I’ve seen it bleed many a small business dry because they don’t go about it the right way.

  2. You can advertise your own name out there with google adword and other cheap paid advertisement. It is inexpensive and you can do it yourself without paying anyone to do it.

  3. Web marketing doesn’t come cheap, but if you choose a company that has real people do the work for you, you’ll get a good value. iStock is a good option for selling photographs as they’ve got a large audience and different levels of of quality.

  4. As I’m not an event or real estate photographer and am always on the road (so travel photographer I guess), what avenue is best for selling stock or artistic photos? I’d love to get into it more, especially the web marketing aspect, but it’s so competitive these days when everyone and their uncle has a camera.

  5. Rich, Also check out magix.com. They have an inexpensive web suite that not only can let you build a website easily, but also get it published and registered with search engines. I’ve used it in the past and it’s not a bad deal to get started. When you get more advanced with your software, Adobe has a web design suite that lets you do all sorts of things with tons of tutorials on the web. Just remember that everything adobe does will be in Adobe RGB, which depending on your camera, may change some of the colors from an sRGB image. There should be a course on that too. 😉


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