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Using Macro with a Point and Shoot Camera

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2020)

Macro Photography

Most every point and shoot camera now comes equipped with a macro button. It looks like a little flower. So how do you know if you have turned it on? You either will be able to see the same little flower symbol on the view-screen or the dial will be pointing to the flower, depending on the type of point and shoot camera you own.

Macro with Point and Shoot Cameras

Using a Point and Shoot Camera | Macro Photography (FREE Video)

With your point and shoot camera, the macro button is kind of like the flash button, you don’t have to detach a lens or anything. Instead, the macro lens is built straight into your camera. While this means you can shoot close ups with your point and shoot, it doesn’t mean you can get as close as you would be able to with a dSLR camera using a macro lens.

However, once you turn your dial to point to the flower symbol or press the button to activate the macro setting, you can go ahead with your close ups. Keep in mind that the rules of Macro photography apply just as much to point and shoot cameras as they do to dSLRs. To learn more visit “Basic Rules for Shooting Macro Photography”.

Macro Photography Video Courses

Photography Foundations: Macro and Close-Up from Lynda.com

Photography Foundations - Macro and Close-Up course
It’s a small world, and capturing it with a photograph can be challenging. In this course, photographer, author, and teacher Ben Long takes you on a fantastic voyage into the realm of the tiny, detailing the gear and shooting techniques necessary to capture extreme close-ups of everything from products to posies.

Introduction to Macro Photography by Mike Hagen from CreativeLive

Introduction to Macro Photography course
Learn how to unlock the fantastic world of macro photography. Instructor Mike Hagen details the gear, techniques, and software you’ll need to capture extreme detail in everything from flowers to insects to jewelry. Create larger than life images with intricate detail using methods that Mike clearly demonstrates in this class.


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