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Such a great website for learning about photography!

I have found this website to be useful again and again in answering questions I have about photography. I even ended up downloading and using some of their presets which have been great. There is loads of great advice and it feels like a real community of photographers keen to support each other.

Avatar for Ainsley Duyvestyn- Smith
Ainsley Duyvestyn- Smith

A must-visit site for all photographers, beginner or pro!

PhotographyCourse.net is great for photography enthusiasts of all levels! I’ve learned a lot from this site and am always finding new ways to improve my skills. The community is supportive and I’m inspired to branch out and try new techniques to up my photography game!

Avatar for Joseph Pallante
Joseph Pallante

PhotographyCourse.net: A Superb Journey of Learning and Skill Enhancement for All Levels

This has been a great course. Everyone I have interacted with has been very helpful and friendly. The courses I took are fun and interactive. I have not been involved in photography for several years and the 365 course has been a great review with a great teacher. I would highly recommend PhotographyCourse.net to anyone that wants to learn more about photography and improve their skills no matter what level you are at.

Avatar for Chad Wagstaff
Chad Wagstaff

different ways to practice photography.

I like how the program offers different ways to practice photography.

I also like how many different types of assistance to learn about photography as well.

Avatar for Steven Randel
Steven Randel

Great online photography community!

The administrator Taya Iv is extremely helpful & encouraging with her expert advice & constructive criticism. The varied photography courses are informative, inspiring, & fun. The photo contests are also a lot of fun & helped me to grow as a photographer. And I enjoyed writing posts in the subforum “Inspiring Photographers & Photographs” where I got to share & introduce some of my favorite photographic artists to the community.

Avatar for Doug Chaffin-Graves
Doug Chaffin-Graves

I love the different challenges and prompts

I am really enjoying the 52 week challenge. I am learning new skills and enjoy being prompted to try things outside of my comfort zone. I also enjoy looking at others work, which can be inspiring and educational. It i also great to be part of a community of like minded photographers.

Avatar for Sharon Fritz
Sharon Fritz

Love the community!

My experience with this community has been great since I joined the group some years ago! I enjoy this group a lot because there are many interesting videos about photography which are very useful, interesting courses ( I had the opportunity to follow Taya’ s course “Self-portrait Photography indoors on a Budget” and I must say it taught me a lot about this new genre to me, giving me some tips and tricks or some useful info about lens or other photographic stuff I didn’t know before. It has been so well organized as there are also written modules for each video (easier for me as I’m Italian).

Moreover, I love their idea to edit members’ photos so that we can better learn to use different tools about post processing which I love and seeing the result about your shot is always so interesting especially when it comes from a professional photographer as Taya. I also enjoy photography contests here: it’s always great to admire other’s photographs and it’s a challenge too…you also get involved in new and different subjects. So thank you for all you offer on this great site!

Ale P.

Avatar for Ale P
Ale P

Response from Photography Course

Dear Ale P.,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and detailed review of our photography community. We’re thrilled to hear that your experience with us has been great since you joined the group some years ago.

We’re glad that you’ve found our group to be a valuable resource for your photography journey, and that you’ve enjoyed the interesting videos, courses, and photography contests we offer. It’s fantastic to hear that you found Taya’s course on self-portrait photography to be so useful and informative.

We appreciate your kind words about our organization, and we’re glad that our written modules have been helpful for you as an Italian speaker. We’re also pleased to hear that you’ve enjoyed our photo editing feature and have found it useful in learning new post-processing tools and techniques.

Thank you again for your kind words and for being a part of our community. We look forward to continuing to provide you with valuable resources and engaging contests to challenge your photography skills.

Best regards,


An invaluable resource for photography enthusiasts

I really like this course, it has helped me a lot with my photography skills. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to take their photography career further or just get better at it!

Avatar for Caitlin Baker
Caitlin Baker
Review of zerotohero

I learned how to capture beautiful photos

I learned how to capture beautiful photos that showcase the beauty of real estate properties. Overall, I highly recommend the Real Estate Photography Course to anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating field. Thanks, instructor!

Avatar for Danica Matija
Danica Matija
Review of realestate

exceeded my expectations

Real Estate Photography Course has exceeded my expectations. The instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, the materials are comprehensive, and the lessons are easy to understand. I’ve already seen major improvements in my photography skills after taking this course. It’s definitely worth trying out!

Avatar for Dev Reid
Dev Reid
Review of realestate

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