(Last Updated On: January 18, 2018)

John Kirchner

John is a Fine Art Digital Photographer that does what is needed in today’s digital age in order to be counted famous in future generations, where digital photography will completely overtake film photography. John has created a large body of work over the years. Two of which have been boosted because of Digital Technologies. John Kirchner’s Architectural Voodoo depicts the facades of government buildings and depicts the great power the building poses.

John Kirchner
He also captures the met and homes in a very artistic manner by stitching pieces of the sky together. Later on, he created a series called Redux, taken with a Digital Nikon D300. The series Redux captures homes in construction and finished in such an idealized manner that we are able to see what the owner sees in the home and not just what the common passer-by sees in a house.

What we can learn from John Kirchner’s Digital Photography Series’ is that Digital tools can allow us to take the image that our camera see’s and turn it into an idealized photograph from the perspective of someone rather than a cold senseless camera. Not to say that a mood cannot be conveyed without editing, but mood or emotion can often be enhanced with Photoshop and other Digital Editing Tools.



  1. I like to shoot to edit. I don’t like to spend time fixing photos that have been shot badly. I like to get it right the first time. I love the numerous tools available in Photoshop but l prefer to use them as a last resort.

  2. Film photographers have done the same things for years, by virtue of the darkroom. For the pure artists in photography, the digital age is nothing more than an extension of what we have already been given. – I love the photos above, especially the mystic mood conveyed by the bottom photo. Good job.

  3. @Joelle What is the difference between using a brush in photoshop and using a brush on a canvas as a painter. Every realist artist is stealing the realness from the world. Does that make you sick? Simmer down now.

  4. I completely disagree… This looks fake and like nothing I would hang on my wall or have the artist that did them hang on my way. If you think digital quality is better then you like lieing and manipulating things to get the results you want? what you arent a good enough painter? not really a good artist? so you have to steal the realness from the world and then add things by photoshop? that makes me sick.


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