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Is Video Software Necessary in Producing Feature Films?

For those unaware of the procedure as a whole, in creating a feature movie, might believe that there is not a much requirement for a computer system or perhaps video software apps. After all, in the past, top of the line filmmakers simply used their own imagination, in addition to the video camera (usually shooting onto film reels) and manually edited the motion pictures to develop the fantastic masterpieces of yesterday. In the contemporary age however, filmmakers have a wide variety of technologically advanced devices available to them, as well as a big toolbox of easily implemented special fx. Filmmakers, find it pretty much impossible to ignore the modern-day technology to increase the quality and impact on the viewer of their productions.

Sound plays such a huge part in any production, this can be a science all by itself. Filmmakers either choose the sound, or this is done by a specialised audio team, however, the video editor person still usually has a  requirement to adjust sound levels of the music aswell as the audio on the recorded footage they have. Generally, various audio recording devices during the capture can offer great results, there are times when directors (to create a certain mood), might want to play around the with the volume in particular scenes, which is very easily done now in the digital editing suite. Having this capability is a substantial asset that is entirely possible through the use of the software application. It is also possible to include numerous sound effects into the movies and even cut out different sound pieces also which can give the production an entirely different feel. Sound can often make (or break) the final result!

With all of the technology and equipment that is available to film makers today the reality that you require a proper video editing program is very clear. The kind of software application that you require to produce a feature film / movie, varies considerably based upon the end result you wish to achieve. Generally, an experienced producer can anticipate which software(s) should be used to create the results, these can be low budget free apps or a big purchase that can be costly. However, the return you receive in concerns to your time, quality of your function movies and even the editing and modifying alternatives available to you is exceptionally comprehensive and makes the requirement to use software a very minor problem for many filmmakers. The majority can agree that without the use of software application, feature movies are much more difficult to make and are much lower in quality. An excellent piece of software can change typical video into a magnificent work of art that ends up being a valued asset.

One example of incorporating innovation is carrying out a computer as part of the workflow and in turn software that is utilized to modify the scenes easily and create incredible special effects. While many traditional creative techniques (which still work and are implemented) can impact the video and use real manual equipment, there are lots of others that are in fact developed in the editing process using a computer, software application and the even in camera processing of the video footage that was shot. This can enable you to take a raw basic video and produce virtually unlimited alternatives of it at the click of a few buttons and using different LUT’s and adjustment layers. It is very important to use the specific color grading LUT which matches to your camera brand as the raw footage does vary. You will find a whole host of ready-made, high quality Canon / Fuji / GoPro / Panasonic / Sony LUTs available online, which save a lot of time when it comes to color grading the footage. Because of this the use of computer systems as well as LUTs, presets and effects etc in the making of function films is greatly explored and used by practically all filmmakers now.

At a minimum, a lot of filmmakers have found that they do now require to have at least one software app to help them with the whole process and production. It has become the norm now for most film production houses to use software for unique results and even interesting results in their films, but even having the ability to edit footage (at a bare minimum) is something that is considered a necessity instead of simply a high-end luxury these days. While in the old days of function films the video footage was edited by hand, this was also due to the fact that movies were taped on actual manual physical reels. Most video footage for novices and many specialists as well is now recorded and stored in a digital format, usually with SD cards or even full hard drives integrated with the video camera. This means there is a need to have software that can handle this digital format and enable the producer to get the most flexibility possible from all of the captured video footage that you have.

Utilizing the technology available now in the latest video software apps, it is possible to create smooth transitions, instant splices, filters, interesting overlays and color grading using LUT’s at the lick of a mouse in your movies, all of which can add a lot of visual appeal. This is all technology that is straight up, related to the radical advance in the movie industry over recent years. Lots of filmmakers currently take pleasure in it, which there are still a few hardcore traditional guys who stick with analog film and manual editing without a computer. While a number of the modern advances are not cheap, there are others that can be acquired at a low cost – which in turn makes it extremely simple for even novice movie makers to purchase software and devices and on a shoe string budget, develop really professional movies.

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