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iPod vs iPhone Camera Review

iPod vs iPhone

If you’re looking to get an iPod for it’s camera capabilities like the iPhone 4, you may want to think twice about it and read our iPod vs iPhone Camera Review.

iPod Camera
Camera shots from iFixit.com

The iPod camera is not the same as the iPhone 4 camera as shown to the left. Apples reasoning for this was to save space. As you can see, the thicker iPhone camera has a flash and is thicker. With the thickness comes higher quality, larger images, and the ability to auto focus. Both of the iPod’s cameras are lacking the ability to auto focus.

This results in your iPod photography being more holga photography than sharp shots. ipod Camera ReviewSo be aware! The camera will have drawbacks when compared to it’s bigger brother, but you can still take photos.

The iOS Camera App

The iOS camera app for the phone is the same for either device. You’ll have to become familiar with it and we’ve made it easy with our iOS Camera Course.

iPod vs iPhone Photo  Comparison

camera compare
Camera Comparison shot by Engadget.com

iPhone 6 vs iPod touch 6g Camera Comparison

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