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The iPhone Photography Boom

The iPhone and smartphones in general have caused a massive boom in photography worldwide. With each new model, Apple raises the bar in smartphone camera features. Thanks to advances smartphone camera technology, an estimated 1.2 trillion photos will be taken in 2017.

Over the past 5 years, smartphone cameras have taken a quantum leap in terms of image quality.


Apple iPhone X Smart Camera

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone X should probably be called a smart camera because of the advances in camera technology.

The iPhone X camera features a dual-lens, a 12-megapixel sensor with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), a fast f/2.4 Telephoto lens, front-facing TrueDepth camera, True Tone Flash with Slow Sync, and Portrait Lighting features.

The TrueDepth camera in the iPhone X includes a infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and a dot projector using 30,000 points on face scan.

When taking selfies or Face ID scan, scanning data is scanned and processed locally on Apple’s A11 Bionic chip with Neural Engine.

Apples Portrait Mode emulates bokeh, the blurred background effect achieved with shallow a depth of field in DSLR cameras.

iPhone User Guides

iPhone users have probably noticed their phones don’t come with printed user manuals or guides. Instead, User Guides for each operating system are available online directly from Apple.Here are links to the IOS 11 User Guide and guides to the previous 3 versions on Apple’s website;

iPhone User Guide for IOS 11
iPhone User Guide for IOS 10
iPhone User Guide for IOS 9
iPhone User Guide for IOS 8

iPhone Instructional Video’s from Apple

Most iPhone users are unaware of the free training videos available from Apple. We were blown away by these 22 short stunning iPhone photography instructional videos. Even though these videos are for the iPhone 7, but a majority of the lessons are applicable to earlier iPhone models and operating systems. Each lesson is approximately 40 seconds.

How to shoot a close-up

How to shoot a vertical Pano

How to shoot action

How to shoot a selfie with a timer

How to capture a unique angle

How to shoot with zoom

How to shoot stills while filming

How to shoot with street light

How to Shoot a Bold and Simple Image

How to shoot during the Golden Hour

How to shoot a One-Handed Selfie

How to capture an Intimate Moment

How to convert to Black & White

iPhone Photography Courses from Udemy Photography Courses

If you’re interested learning more about iPhone photography, we compiled a list of 7 photography courses from Udemy.

iPhone Photography Pro 2017 – (UPDATED with iOS 11)

iPhone Photography Pro 2017 - (UPDATED with iOS 11)
Sharpen your iPhone Photography skills: Ideal for Hobbyists, Enthusiasts, Wedding Photography & Portrait Photography

iPhone Photography Take Professional Photos On Your iPhone

iPhone Photography Take Professional Photos On Your iPhone
Your Online Guide to Taking Stunning iPhone Photography Like a Professional Digital Photographer

iPhone Camera Essentials

iPhone Camera Essentials
Quickly turn your iPhone photography into a fulfilling passion. Get both the fundamentals and step-by-step instructions.

iPhone Photography Secrets

iPhone Photography Secrets
You’ll learn the tools, techniques, and iPhone photography tips to create gorgeous iPhone photographs.

iPhone 6 Photography Course 2017: Get DSLR Camera Quality

Take DSLR Quality Photo Plus Learn To Make Money Selling iPhone Photos
iPhone 6 Photography Course 2017: Get DSLR Camera Quality

How to Take Awesome Pictures with Your iPhone or iPad

How to Take Awesome Pictures with Your iPhone or iPad
Learn from a professional photographer how to take eye-catching photos in a wide range of shooting situations.

Easy Product Photography with your iPhone or Smartphone

Easy Product Photography with your iPhone or Smartphone
Learn how to shoot product photos for your online store using your iPhone or any smartphone.

Photography Course
Photography Coursehttp://photographycourse.net/
Photography Course offers free courses, tutorials, tips, and tricks for photographers of all skill levels. Browse our collection of courses from photographers all around the world to take your passion to the next level.


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Expert Photographer / Videographer and Content Writer Needed for PhotographyCourse.net

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