(Last Updated On: June 16, 2019)

iOS Camera

Camera AppThe iOS camera app is easy to use, and if you have an iPhone 4, it’s packed full of features like HDR Photos, tap to focus, and Auto flash. If you have an iPod 4 you still get to use 2 cameras, tap to auto white balance, and HD recording.

This iOS photography course will guide you in what each icon does in the iOS Camera application. First, we’ll start with perhaps the best feature unique to the iPhone 4 – HDR.

iPhone 4 HDR Photography

If you’re not sure what HDR is see our lesson on HDR.

iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 HDR Overview and Comparison Photos

Camera App Controls

The camera app controls are pretty simple and labeled below.

App Controls

Here are some controls and tips that are not displayed on your device:

  • Tap to adjust exposure and focus.
  • After taping, you have the option to use a digital zoom.  Remember that this zoom is digital so the more you zoom, the lower the resolution of your photograph.
  • When HDR mode is turned on you should hold your camera as still as possible in order to get the best photograph. This is because the camera is actually taking multiple photographs, comparing them, and then merging them.

Below you can see what kind of photographs you can expect from the camera app. You can see looking at the F19 key that there a noticeable depth of field, but never anything extreme as the camera aperture is fixed.

Camera Quality


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