Intermediate Photography Course

Welcome to our Intermediate Photography Course! Here you will find our Intermediate photography lessons. If you’re just getting back into photography, you may also be interested in our refresher course before venturing on to these lessons or our more advanced lessons.

intermediate photography course


Physics of Depth of Field

Depth of Field Physics We were recently asked about the inner workings or physics behind depth of field, in other...


How to Choose the Ideal Lens for Your Photography

Knowing how to choose the ideal lens is dependent on the style and type of photography you aim to shoot. Whether you...


Sunset Silhouette Photography – A Complete Guide

You’ve seen those spectacular sunset silhouette photos, the ones with a mysterious silhouetted subject watching the sun dip below the horizon. They’re...


How to Create Better Street Photography

Street Photography Street photography is often revered as a journalistic, observation of culture and society. Whether you are capturing...


5 Steps to Becoming a Travel Photographer

Becoming a Travel Photographer Ever dream about ditching your day job and exchanging it for getting paid to travel...


15 Creative Product Photography Ideas

If you’re a product photographer, you want to try to and get images of the product that not only highlight its features,...


How to Use These 11 Types of Lighting in Photography

Lighting is the most important consideration in photography. It’s what makes the photograph possible. So, let’s get a better understanding of what...


Multispectral Imaging: What is it used for?

You may be surprised to learn that there's a kind of photography that captures images of things that you can't see. It's...


5 Steps to Amazing Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography These days most of us are taking our cameras just about anywhere we go and landscape photos...


Portrait vs. Landscape — The 11 Biggest Differences

If you’re a photographer, sooner or later you’ll ask yourself if you should set your camera to portrait or landscape orientation. You’re...

If you have been taking photos for a while or if you’re ready to move beyond basics, try an intermediate digital photography class from Udemy. If you have mastered the basics, then congratulations on a job well done!

Start building on the basics of digital photography by exploring new skills and photo editing using post production editing software like Adobe Lightroom. Check out these Intermediate Photography Classes from Udemy.

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  1. Long Exposure Photography: Shoot Your Own Stunning Photos
  2. Take your digital photography skills to the next level!
  3. Tabletop Photography
  4. Photographing the Beauty of Birds
  5. Improve your Photography
  6. Secrets of Fitness Photography Revealed
  7. The Fundamentals of Photography
  8. Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Photography Entrepreneurship
  9. How to light: Beauty Headshot Photography
  10. Photographing Children
  11. Product Photography: BTS Lesson from a Pro
  12. Perfect Photos WITHOUT Photoshop!
  13. Beyond the Basics (Photo II)

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